Spencer Fisher guest Ref at CFC 8.

UFC Veteran, and MMA super-star Spencer "the King" Fisher will be reffing the fights at Courage Fighting Championships 8, Sat. April 21st Decatur Illinois. TAPOUT will be in attendance LIVE for filming of their upcoming reality show! This is a huge night. Come meet surprise quests as well. more info go to: www.couragefighting.com



Hermes is a class act. Spencer has a ton of respect for him.


Thats cool because I am bringing Reggie Warren Jr with me. He is teaching me the jumping reverse ridgehand strike.

TTT for The King and CFC!!!!


I'm not going then if Reggie Warren Jr. is gonna be there. That guys a loose cannon and he might hit me with a moo-thailand kick! What if he flips copenhagen in my eye? Furious George...you have my back?

I gotcha back mang


this weekend is getting better every time i hear about this show.now all i want to see is the DAMn fight card!

Hermes what's up man? Hope your doing good. Spencer is my first favorite fighter and your my second! LOL Peace.

You're my favorite fighter Mr. Reinhardt

I hope you have time to show me the new gym

furious, i will bro. my pleasure

mmabest, that's a dick comment. spencer respects hermes, but i guarantee would love a re-match.

ttt for Reggie Warren

Vengence, it cost me a roll of Cope and a 6 pack of Bush tall boys, but Reggie Warren Jr will bunk with Spencer on the other side of me and Pavia, which is adjacent to Reinhardt and Bergmeier. Good times mang...

Man, I can't believe that Reggie would ever bunk with another mane!

We may have to bring the pop up camper along then...