Spencer Fisher not a big fan of wrestlers

New interview with Spencer Fisher at watchkalibrun.com,

WKR: Where do you see yourself in the lightweight divisional picture?

Spencer Fisher: I am right in the mix of it. I am probably the best stand up fighter in the lightweight division full of wrestlers so its kind of shaky ground for me knowing that no one usually finishes me. The wrestlers lay on me for three rounds no one wants to see that. All you wrestlers, I don't know, I don't mind if you take me down just try and finish me when we are on the ground. Don't lay on me no one wants to see a blanket. I know that sounds kind of arrogant and I should try and stop the takedown but jeez laweez come on, look to finish the fight, that's boring. You don't see me try to jab somebody and run from somebody. I go and try to knock their head off. They should try to do the same thing take me down finish me.

WKR: Your jab comment was that a reference to Frankie Edgar?

Spencer Fisher: Yeah you know, it's not just a reference to him [Frankie Edgar] it's to all wrestlers you know. If you are going to fight me and you are going to take me down, I am not saying don't take me down cause that's your job, that's what your good at, but don't lay on top of me in my guard and not do anything. That's ridiculous. I get up and walk out with not a scratch on me that's ridiculous, come on. And I bleed if you look at me the wrong way so it's not hard you know what I mean come on let's fight.

WKR: Is there anything you'd like see referees do to avoid that lay-n-pray style stalemate?

Spencer Fisher: That body-body-head stuff and I referee shows I tell everybody I am going stand you guys up, no one wants to see body-body-head. that's 1994 stuff. We are past that, the sport has evolved and so have we as fighters and the fans are more educated now. They know what they are looking at. They should be looking for people doing damage and if not, stand it up.

LOL@being bitter because when he gets taken down HE stinks up the joint by not having an active guard. I love Spencer, but his BJJ bias is obvious. It takes two to stink up the joint.

how people feel when the play baseball growing up instead of wrestling, they hate

Um, I find that the best way to solve that whole annoying "blanket" problem is to acknowledge wrestling as a critical part of the game and LEARN TO WRESTLE. It does wonders for your JJ game, and solves the blanket problem.

I suppose that's crazy talk, though. After all, it's so much easier to just lay all the blame the other guy...

 omg this guy is the shit..

 We need knees to the head of a downed opponent and headbutts back in the game.  Lay-and-pray is a result of an active athletic commission conspiracy to disable wrestlers' greatest weapons. 

This has been a problem since the first athletic comissioner's meeting wherein someone raised the question "what's to be done with this Mark Coleman?"

Jesus Christ. This is 2009. You need to everything very well. If your wrestling game is weak then make it a priority.

if stand up fighters keep it standing to long, they need to start making them start from the ground

sport is biased for stand up fighters

a good angry wrestler would be like Randy or old Tito. you know, get the take down pin the chest and start pounding him in the face when they try a sweep pin the leg pass guard. continue to bash in the face. as it was said before .. It takes 2 to make a fight boaring.

they'll continue to stand them up because all Dana cares about is mainstream fans wanting more action, money money money

if they rid standing up, they'd lose to many fans, they'd be bored watching wrestlers win every fight

if it is biased for stand up fighters why is spencer fisher complaining about losing fights to wrestlers

Jweinberg - 

as a wrestler, his comments bother me- sorry his wrestling hasn't evolved in the past 8 years. .personally after Edgar's striking clinic he put on Sherk, Fisher's striking doesn't even come close.  so go fuck yourself cre and your unworthy waste of words. "ban hammer" good one, did you think of that all by yourself- pretty clever guy.

 Shut up pussy wrestler fag.  Spencers given more excitement to the sport than any of the wrestlers you admire in his weight class.  His comments bother you?  Whaaaaaa!  Fucking baby!  Fisher's strking doesn't come close to the clinic Edgar put on Sherk?  Give me a fucking break.  I'm a Edgar fan, but please tell me how many guys he's damaged with his amazing striking in the UFC?

I'm shocked, absolutely shocked, that Spencer Fisher isn't a fan of getting taken down and losing fights.

RIPLEY - Jesus Christ. This is 2009. You need to everything very well. If your wrestling game is weak then make it a priority.

 Much easier to wreslte your whole life and learn boxing then the other way around.  Gray Maynard, Tyson Griffin and Frank Edgar have all put the time in and show improvement with every fight.  Spencer can never catch up with guys like this in the wrestling department.  And don't act like Spencer doesn't try to sub people...he has a very active guard.


bismanfightclub - If you don't like being taken down, don't let them take you down, and if you can't stop them from taking you down but think it's boring on the ground then either finish from the ground or get the fuck back up. 

 How many elite wrestlers have you rolled with?  Shut the fuck up.


 ^^^once again, shut the fuck up and answer my question "Mr. get the fuck back up".  Have you ever even touched a mat in your life?

bismanfightclub - Sure did, long probably before you were even born midget man.  Why don't you tell him if he can't beat a wrestler instead of crying about it he should either quit or learn how to beat them.

You tell him all this mane...I already broke both his ankles.  Midget man?  I'm 6'5 asshole!

Bottom line...ask Joe Silva or Dana White who one of the most exciting lightweight fighters in the world is and they will both agree...Spencer The King Fisher!



this place is a joke.

you guys react to every little fucking thing you don't like or don't agree with like menstruating females. the smallest thing just gets blown out of proportion.

my god these emotions. yes keep calling the fighters names and insulting them cause you don't like something they said, you all sound like some bitter ex-girlfriends.

stop acting like any of you are anybody important enough to be on some "as a wrestler his comments anger me" shit.

you're a wrestler? really? you sure you're not just a username on a message board?

shut up.

Jweinberg - 

"ban hammer" good one, did you think of that all by yourself- pretty clever guy.

I call it a mod hit. Now give me a fuckin´ cookie.

i love spencer, but "body body head stuff " is acute or chronic damage. don't be so stand up happy!