Spencer Fisher vs. Josh Neer???


I think Spencer will win by KO if Josh stands with him. If it goes to the ground, look for Spencer to win with his world famous ....man, I can't reveal it! ;)

Spencer is in the best shape of his life and is looking forward to this fight. I don't know what Josh said, or did, but Spencer is NOT taking this fight lightly!

Good luck to my good friend Spencer "Chubby" Fisher! :)

It would be hard to pick here, simply because I haven't seen either fighter, as yet. But, based on training ... I'll go with Fisher by decision (I hear Neer is pretty tough).


You WILL be seeing Spencer soon enough! ;) Hopefully, on the next UFC's Greatest Hits!!!

Spencer is gonna beat this kid from top to bottom. He is in the best shape of his life, his conditioning is sick! His standup is getting better daily.....his wrestling and submissions are out of this world....i don't see a way Neer can win. I'm looking for Spencer to finish this one by submission!!!!!!!


I'll be rooting for Spencer, TTT for a cool cat.

ttt for "Chubby"

TTT for a good fight. I had Josh fight at my last event and he really came out fighting. Very exciting fight. He has knees from hell. Spencer is also to be fighting Kyle Jensen March 26 in MPLS. When and where is the Neer and Spencer fight. Jeff Paul - Xtreme Kage Kombat

victory fighting championship march 6th at harrahs casino in council bluffs iowa. it should be great fight. are you going bzljj?

Ryan, I will shoot you an email later this afternoon!

warfrog, yes, I will be there! I am looking forward to seeing this fight! :) Also, I am looking forward to seeing the Des Moines guys...AFTER this fight of course! ;) lol

Take care!


can you email me or beter yet have Spencer email me at fightingarts@sympatico.ca,

I need to get a hold of him for a tape of a MMA event
we both participated in in Iowa


Spencer is looking good as shit, I got him by ref stoppage!

"Is Spencers wife still fighting?"

I am not sure, I will have to ask her.

"can you email me or beter yet have Spencer email me at fightingarts@sympatico.ca"

Will do! :) How have you been by the way? When are you making another trip out here?

I'm probaly the only guy on here that has been in the ring with Josh and the gym with Spencer. Josh and I fought to a draw.

The fight was close even though I fought 20 pounds above my weight class and I just had removed 6 stiches from the bottom of my foot. Now I give a lot of credit to Josh for a good fight but he is in over his head with Spencer.

Spencer will run right threw Josh. Someone made a post about his knees. I thought his knees were a joke. The only think he did well was to lean on me(I'm 5'6" and Josh is 6'1") and throw weak knees and a few good inside leg kicks.

Spencer will do what ever he wants to Josh. I'm not trying to trash talk Josh but I do know both of them really well. Spencer will win by KO or TKO in the 2nd round.....Joe Jordan

I will be very curious to see the outcome of this fight. I hear all kinds of smack-talk from Neer's buddies when he was supposed to fight Sean Sherk. (Another screwing by Mason) All I heard was how he's fought all these fights....blah, blah, blah. Fighting 90, no-skilled, bar-room idiots doesn't make you a great fighter. Any accomplished high-school wrestler could take down your average bar-room moron and pound him out.

Finally he's fighting someone we've all heard of...and some of us have actually seen. Should be a good one to see how good Neer really is. Maybe he is as good as all of his buddies seem to think.....then again, maybe he isn't.

ttt for Fisher!!!

LOL!!! Like mosquito bites. Damn.

ttt. for Spencer

simmah down now!

lol I am still going with Fisher, I think he has better training, and would probably have 90 wins too if he had been fighting in the Toad Holler fights a couple of times a week (lol) like Neer has.

"josh ate your punches like misquito bites, you barely phased him"

Thats were Spencer and I not different. Spencer is one of the hardest hitting 170lbs. and soon to be 155lbs. fighter out their. I make my living by GnP, not standing.

Josh may be able to take punches from a 145lbs. fighter but what do you have if you add 20lbs. and someone who is accustomed to fighting at 170lbs.?

You have Spencer Fisher!! Fisher by brutal TKO....Joe Jordan

Spencer Fisher by KO or TKO!!
Josh Neer has never in his life fought someone of Spencer's caliber.