Spencer Fisher vs Melvin Guillard

I'd like to see this fight.

Would be a war but I see Spencer KOing Melvin or subing on the ground

If they both win at UFC 60, this fight must happen!

Somewhere, Joe Silva is writing this down.

Don't get your hopes up Dougie.  When I was at the UFN 3 weight in I saw Pat and Melvin talking alot.  Melvin's problem is that he has a tendency to spaz in the ring (i.e. the Neer fight) He gets so focused on winning he forgets that defense is also a good thing.  Spencer is very calm in the ring and very disciplined.  I would like to see what Melvin would do if he gets taken down..  Can he fight from his back?

This could be part of the 155 tourney for the belt I dream at night about.

I think Spencer would take it but the fight would be awesome.