Spencer Fisher

only one who has looked better against Fisher than Stout in the UFC has been your number 1 contender for the belt.

Awesome showing from Fisher tonight. Best I've ever seen him.


been a fan since we shook hands after ufc 64. you're a genuine guy. great performance against stout. kudos to you.

Great performance by Spencer! Best I've ever seen from him.

And Sammy, you represented Canada well!

Thank you both for a exciting fight! Hope you both get the chance to do it again.

Good fight, props for both fighters, but spencer came to win.

Awesome fight. Spencer looked fast as hell in there.

"Stout was as game as they come, and did his part for ensuring a great main event. haters need to venture in to highway traffic and take Rogan with them."

The only person "hating" is you, you fucking crybaby.

Great fight