spencer fishers a bad man

Thanks to all the des moines people who came to watch the fight. I thought the fight was close and could of gone either way. To the person who thought i was respectful of spencet after the fight is an idiot. Me and spencer weren t just fighters that night we were two warriors that went to war for 25 minutes. I not only gained respect for specer fisher but i think i became a spencer fisher fan. Me and speners words were mainly because of one person chad mason. Hopefully the mfs has nothing to do with this man. He says that they are buddies and him and monte are still great friends. Hopefully this isn t true. And to the person that said you should of heard what i said after the fight in the locker room. I was telling a kid that trained with me to shut up, the fights over, and lets move on. Exactly what i think now. Everyone should move on, the fight was close, either person could of won, and unfortanantly it didn t go my way, its time to move on. I think both me and spencer deserve more money to make this fight happen again.
The Dentist

TTT for josh and spencer. best fight i have ever seen in person.

Josh- you just said it "two warriors" that exactly what you two are. You impressed the shit out of me and like I said to you in the hall upstairs you are for real and your fighting won me over as a fan. I hope nothing but the best for you with you bright future in this game. As for Mason, he came down here three weeks ago and Pat made the shit stand outside the whole time everyone was sparring. He did take some guys to dinner because he was buying. The guys that did go to eat with him was using him for the free
meal. Everybody will have their opinions as they do whenever a fight like this takes place. I was lucky to
have seen it ringside and can't wait to see you fight again. I'm sure glad my fighting days are over. If I can give you on piece of advice, it does matter who you do surround yourself with in this sport, so be careful. Thanks for the best fight I have seen in 10 years. You and Spencer were great.

PS. Someone give this guy a green name!

That was one hell of a fight. You get my respect as a fighter and for coming on here and giving Spencer his props too. Thats cool. Congrats on one hell of a fight.

ttt for Josh and Spencer

Great post Josh! You truly are among the best of the best. It was an honor to have you on our card (in the best fight that we have ever had!) and I look forward to seeing you in action soon.

The world was watching you Saturday night, and now there is no doubt that JOSH NEER IS HERE!


Both guys deserve to be in the bigger shows. They both have the type of attitude to sell tickets and create hype for a fight with their in ring antics alone. Then they back it up with solid chins, being very active, and by being very skilled. Josh hit the side of the cage in between the rounds to pump up the crowd. Spencer petted Josh's head during the fight and did that humping action when Josh got suck on a takedown. I'm leaving out a ton of other extra stuff they did to get the crowd into the fight.

The only thing I might have missed was Spencer's Elvis Karate dance (I did get to see it at the bar later). I laugh every time I get to see it. Wish I was that cool instead of falling on my head.

i am proud of you josh, and not just for your fighting ability. you are a showman and you have a gift, brother. i am sure people will be knocking your door down now and you wont be hurting for money too much longer i hope. dont be too quick to forget shows like VFC, its the best show in the midwest and a great showcase for your fans to get to see you fight.

One of the top 5 best MMA fights of all time. Much respect, Josh.

I just got off of the phone with Spencer and he did not have a bad thing to say about Josh. He was very respectful of him. By the way, that was a pretty classy post Josh! I read it to Spencer, but he does not post on here, and just said "that was cool".

Good luck in the future, unless you rematch Spencer, then I will have to root against you again, of course! ;)

Nice post,another classy move by the Dentist.

Everyone has there own reasons for stepping in the ring, but my favorite fighters are the ones whose main reason for fighting is to put the crowd on their feet. I hope fighters like Neer and Spencer are paid right, considering what they are willing to bring to these shows for our enternainment. Wouldn't it be great if these guys made enough to focus full time on there training?

Great post Josh! Your hard work is paying off, and your dream is beginning to take shape. We are all very proud of you in Des Moines. You and Spencer are BOTH champs in my eyes. Now get off the damn computer and go train!!!!!!

Josh, Classy post. Moved on. Cant wait to see you fight
again. It would be worth the drive. Regardless of my opinion
of the outcome of the fight, and my misunderstanding of what
you said in the dressing room, you have my respect and I will
never be able to badmouth your fighting skill. I admit that I
thought Spencer would walk right through you and I was
wrong. I underestimated your skill, your chin and your
courage. You are the real deal.

ttt for Spencer and Josh


Tell Spencer I said hello. We will be hearing more about him in the very near future.


Will do! :)

Please tell Jeremy that I love him...did I say that out loud? Oops...LOL! J/K!


Stay off my coolaide man! Horn is MINE.