Spendy DVDs


$699.99 - anyone seen this series?











4 DVD's In One Comprehensive Set!

Trained by Sifu Dan Inosanto for over 20 years, Ron Balicki brings you an eight volume (on 4 DVD's) instructor series set.

Volume 1 - 2: Beginning Material Covers basic defense, stances & footwork, intro to trapping drills & entries, and wooden dummy #3 & #4.
Volume 3 - 6: Intermediate Material Includes trapping sectors & praying mantis drills, Don Chi Sao, Loy Pac Sao, Wooden Dummy #1 - 6 and much more.
Volume 7: Advanced Material Much of the drills covered previously but a more advanced pace and level, also includes wooden dummy #1 - 9.
Volume 8: Instructor Material Features Jow Sao Series (The Helix), Split Entries Focus Mitts, Chi Sao Instructor Level and wooden dummy #1 - 10. Also on Volume 8, special features including Sifu Dan Inosanto teaching.
Approx. 10 hours.

$699.99 for instruction that is outdated. "Yes, now you too can learn the material that Bruce Lee himself stopped teaching before his death in 1973". This is nothing but capitalization on the Bruce Lee geeks.

$700 for 4 DVD's. Unbelievable.

very expensive.

JKDFIGHTER, it is refreshing to here you say that. I love Guro Dan's teaching (as I know you do) but there are some things that I'm just not interested in (like the topics of those videos above), but I know MANY instructors under Guro Dan wouldn't dare say that they think something that he teaches is outdated. Thanks for being honest.


Dang, that is pricey. Gives even Matt Furey a run for his money in that department.

Thanks, Calbert. I do love Guro Insosanto's teaching and respect the hell out of the man. I would venture to say that NO ONE respects him more than myself. So, when I say things like that it is in NO WAY being disrespectful to him and I know that you understand that.

Guro says many things behind closed doors that he doesn't say in public and says things in public in very subtle ways for those that are really listening and know how to hear what he is really saying.

It's just a shame that so few actually hear what he has to say and fewer still follow his advice.

Outdated? Its not outdated, I just saw Jessica Beil using it to kick vampire ass in Blade 3=)

I'll watch anything with Jessica Beil in it!

Way too expensive for that type of material.

I have never met nor trained with Ron Baliki. Nor would I personally be
interested in purchasing a set like this.

That being said, if there are people who do want this information, and
are willing to pay that money for it, more power too him. Knowing what
I have invested to train (money and time), I am sure it will still be a
long while before Mr. Baliki breaks even!



At that price, he'd better appear and fight off my attacker for me.

Just think, Im pretty sure, that for under $700 you could buy:

Matt Thornton UK & Denmark set (3 DVD's)
Rodney King UK & Denmark seminar (1 DVD)
Rodney King Sparring 101 (1 DVD)
Singers Clinchin 2 (3 DVD's)
Matt Thornton Florida Seminar 2003 (2 DVD's)
SBGI Spring Camp 2004 (8 DVD's)

What do you guys think would be better value for money?


beev has just brought MAD perspective into this issue.

Great point Beev!


Exactly, Beev!

I think as far as material goes, you will be 100 times better of spending the money on the DVD's I mentioned. I mean what material do you think you could put to use more effectively? the set by Ballicki or the ones I posted?

For starters, the nearest Ron gets to showing Clinch material is Trapping? Now, I believe that one or two traps (AND ONLY one or two!) may be effective as a way of clearing your opponents arms to clinch, (I remember Matt talking about this in his first Clinch tape.) but the distance you have from your opponent in order to trap properly is lost in milliseconds. So there is no point in drilling them to achieve proficiency (As Matt also said, you dont even have to give these traps a name, or even refer to them as traps!). You would be far better of drilling Boxing and Clinching. I also, do not see the point of seriously drilling closing distance.

Plus, Ron covers no Ground Work at all! He is a shooto coach too if I remember correctly, training heavily with Erik Paulson and a few others.

Also, im pretty sure he is the guy married to Dan's Daughter!


Well you do get Volume 8: Instructor Material. Maybe it comes with an Instructor's certificate...

"At that price, he'd better appear and fight off my attacker for me"


After Working out the above, I estimate that all of the sets above work out at about $515, about $570 with postage!


Damn, so all of those videos put together would still be about $130 cheaper?! DAMN!