Sperry and Medeiros Tape sets

Right now I own both Sperry Master Sets 1 and 2, but have heard a lot of this Rodrigo Medeiros and his tape set from members on this forum.

To anyone that has or has seen both the set, if I all ready have the Masters Sets is there anything on the Medeiros set that is not on the Masters Set that is worth getting? Thanks

Like others have said, the sperry tapes shows more of his strategy and game. Very good high percentage stuff, but not a whole lot of moves.

Medeiros stuff is very good. Lots of new material and he explains things well. Great price too!

In my opinion,Medeiros builds on what you've learned from Sperry.(benzo)

I havent seen Medeiros' tapes, but he is an awesome instructor so I expect them to be very good. From the feedback online, it seems that they are among the best out there.

ive got his open and closed guard videos. both are very good.. and even if you are having doubts.. you cant really lose at that price(16.95).

Both excellent sets !

I have had Sperry 1 & 2 for a while and just bought Medeiros' open and closed guard. Most of the stuff on Medeiros' dvds are not on Sperry's. Sperry's gives you a fight strategy. Medeiros' dvds have tons of high percentage moves that can't be found elsewhere, you can easily add them to the fight strategy you got from Sperry's. At 16.95 they are really a steal. There's tons of techniques that are well organized and flow from one to another. Medeiros english is clear, he explains the details pretty well and the techs he shows are solid moves. If I had to choose between the guard tapes from the two sperry sets and the Medeiros dvds, I would say the Medeiros set is the better one. But please don't buy them, I don't want anybody I might meet at a comp to know the techs he shows j/k. Please get them, if you have never bought from Island, you won't be disapointed with their service or products.

I, too, have heard great praises about the Medeiros Guard DVD's. My only reservation is that I purchased his "Escapes" DVD and had a little trouble comprehending his English. The fact that there was no microphone and that his voiced echoed in the room they were in made it more difficult.

I have read that his other DVD's don't have this same problem. If that is the case, I would love to purchase them to improve my Guard game.

I have all the sets...they are all worth getting. I love the Rodrigo series. Plus Islandmartialarts.com has great service.



Thanks to everyone for there responce...and there helpful insight!

I have his open & closed guard and they are good, closed especially.

ttt medeiros

I think that the Medeiros set should be only purchased by
people who have been training for at least a year (or are at
the blue belt level). His explanations are pretty clear and
understandable, but the series basically just shows a bunch
of really good moves and how to do them. He doesn't break
down the science behind the small details that make the
moves work, show common errors made when performing
the moves, or put moves together into combinations like
Cesar Gracie does on his instructional series. And he
definitely doesn't give you a game plan like Sperry does on
his instructionals.