Sperry Master Series Worth It?

Are the Mario Sperry Master Series Sets worth the 199.99?

I want some good Gi instructionals, should I settle for a cheaper set? Are there any good Gi sets out there?

I have Master Series 2 and I definately benefited. The series focused on: Guard Passing (3 dvd), Clock choke ( one full dvd). The guard passing ones helped that aspect of my game a lot, my most used passes come from those discs. The clock choke one really broke the move down and will have you catching people with it. The sweeps dvd is also pretty high percentage. The takedown dvd is also good. It is a TIGHT set. I paid $100 for it and it was DEF worth that price. $199 is a bit steep though.

The medeiros set from Island also seems very good. I have the closed and open guard ones and I have heard very good things about that set.

IMO, all of your gi needs would be met for a LONG time to come if you had both Medeiros and Sperry MS 2. Medeiros is newer stuff, but the Sperry is rock solid and will stand the test of time. Very hard to choose between the two (remember though I only have two of the medeiros one so I really cant compare apples to apples)

Hope I helped...

Sperry master series sets are very good. I think they are cheaper than $199.99.

Rodrigo Medeiros has an awesome gi set that is available at www.islandmartialarts.com

I've only seen one volume of the Medeiros set, but was great stuff. I can't wait to check out the rest of the series.

The Sperry Master Series is excellent. But it depends where you're at in your training and what you're interested in. If you want to learn half guard sweeps there's only about two so you'll be disappointed. Buy Gordo's tapes in that case or if you want loop chokes there's another series by Batata or Leozhino does a whole dvd on guard passing.

You can't go wrong with any of Mario Sperry's stuff!

Yes, the set is worth getting. Sperry's tapes are best out there. You can read my review of his tapes at:


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ttt for a great series.

Michael Jen's stuff is more about fundamentals, sperry is about strategies

Mario speaks english too. You just got to "listen".

His accent is cool and understandable. Murillo is funny when he speaks english. A great set.

Mario's stuff is the best out there right now.

Sperry and Jens offer completely different product.

Sperry tends to present a complete sample 'game' where he goes from takedown to control to submission, with maybe a little focus here and there. If you know your basics but don't have an overall strategy for implementing it in a fight (VT), Gi (Master), or No-Gi (SW), then Sperry's sets are excellent starting points.

Jen presents a detailed, systematic approach to a particular area of a game (i.e., a particular pin escape, a particular kind of guard, etc.). His tapes do not give a start-to-finish sample 'game' but rather focus intensely on one area of the game. If you aren't sure of your basics, or if you already have a game but need to brush up on a specific area, then Jen's tapes are excellent starting points.

How's Rodrigo's accent?


They're good tapes. Buy from ebay though. You should be able to grab up a set for around 75-125$ Keep your eyes open for them. They usually arnt up for long, so look for a buy it now. Paul Veil, the owner of world martial arts, the company that makes these videos, uses his VeRO (verified registered owner) account at ebay to close all sales of sperry vids, original or not, that arnt his(user name: wmalawyler) and somehow gets away with it.


I had no trouble understanding Rodrigo in his closed and open guard dvds. His english was good.

I have the 1st Master Series and Mario's english is fine. The set is good, but a little advanced for me. You can still learn allot though.

I have never heard anyone say they had a problem understanding Sperry. In fact his English is quite clear and he is funny as hell.

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rene.r is correct