Sperry Master Series Worth It?

The Master Series is very good and you can understand Mr. Sperry easily enough. I'd say his English is good, just slow--in the sense that it sometimes takes him a few tries to find the words he wants.


If you notice though, it doesnt look like Sperry shows any escapes or counters in his series. WMA tends to make a lot of video series with NO escapes in them.

I have the set and will sell it to you for a 100$. The tapes and cases are in mint condition. If you are interested post your email. Each tape has been watched only once. Putting them on Ebay is a good idea.

I likewise did not notice any real positional escapes in either VT1 or 2, or MS 1. The other stuff was so good, it took me a while to realize that positional escapes were missing.

It would be very interesting to see Sperry and Busta's take on positional escapes, especially side control and mount, in both SJJ and VT contexts.


TTT for Paul Viele who only said "TTT"