Sperry's Lack of Success?

I think a big problem is that he never seems to set up takedowns with
strikes, just goes for really far out, really telegraphed shots, from what
I've seen of him. If he could convince people, for only a second, that he
was sincere about punching, then go for the takeedown, he would do
much better, imo.


He and the BTT should not have betrayed Carlson and he would be better off today. His mistake!

TTT for the Zen Machine!

sperry has had a great run.....he has been around awhile now....he has got alot of heart.....i think he could hang with any of the top 5 heavyweights.....

Sperry is da' man

"I think a big problem is that he never seems to set up takedowns with strikes"

Haven't seen all of his fights, but thats exactly what he did against Vov and it worked perfectly.

what´s up with all the trolls here on UG?

If someone has seen the fight between Ninja and Sperry and still claim that Sperry lacks heart, you are a retard.

If you don't think it is his heart that keeps him from doing better in MMA, what do you feel keeps Sperry from being more successful?

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i think if he fought more in his younger days, he would have been a top guy, but he seems too worn out now.

He does seem worn out. Busta seemed to be in full stride during his UFC fights. I'm sure he will comeback and be a great fighter in Pride. I don't see the same bright future for Sperry.

"He and the BTT should not have betrayed Carlson and he would be better off today. His mistake! "




Sperry did not want the record to be mentioned on PPV, but Perretti if I remember well, insisted on doing so.


Jesus Fucking Christ, this forum is full of morons who waste oxygen and space. Sperry has a 10-3 record, I doubt many of you are very good at math, so to spell it out, he has a WINNING record. How can someone with a WINNING record be called unsuccessful? As for the brillant tidbit about not having a killer instinct, a total of three of his wins have been by decision, so he has finished 70% of his victories. Oh, and the man is nearly 40 years old and is still competing in both MMA and submission grappling. But hey, don't let the facts stand in the way of your arguement.

Manny - STFU. Trying to compare Sperry's belt from the Australian UFC event to your manager buying belts from other orgs and passing them off as legit is laughable. Sperry has never claimed to be a UFC champ in the US and everyone knows the difference between the two events.

I don't image Sperry would have had any trouble in the early UFCs...he was heavier and stronger than Royce, and probably had better takedowns even then given his judo background.

Sperry is arguably in the top 5 most succesful BJJ players of all time going years and years before finally being defeated, his record should be around 300 something wins with 3 or 4 losses in BJJ, he is easily in the top 3 most succesful guys in Abu Dhabi, has a very impressive MMA record with wins over Vov, Kanehara, White, Hasemen, on top of that he's the head of one of the most succesful MMA teams right now as well, i'd definitly say he's had his share of success

Please do a little more research before you enlighten us with your MMA wisdom. Out of Sperry's 10 wins, only 3 fighters have winning records: Hiromitso Kamehara (10-9-1), Neil Bodycote (2-1), and Igor. I think it is fair to say that Sperry has one impressive win out of the 10 (Igor).

I'm not down on Sperry. I just don't understand why Nog and Busta seem so much better in MMA. Their BJJ game seems to work very well for them in MMA.

Jspiceman, please shoot yourself in the head before ever assuming anyone cares about your opinion of MMA, or that your insight is worth sharing.

So using your awesome logic, because he is not as successful as his two teammates, then he is therefore unsuccessful. Graduate of a public school, are we?

It is ok if you decided I was correct and decided to sidetrack the issue.

Let me help you understand the thread: I'm not saying Sperry is unsuccessful. I'm simply asking why his great success at BJJ did not transfer to MMA. His training partners appear to be better suited for MMA but their training and backgrounds are similar. I'm simply looking for why he has NEVER been a serious MMA threat while his training partners are doing very well. If you look at their backgrounds, you would think Sperry should have Nog's fame.