fuck you and this thread you made



Fuck this!


Thread title is accurate.


Spider in the wood pile is a stud. Phone Post 3.0

4pdboxing -



Fuck this!

Well.. I'm never sleeping again it looks like Phone Post 3.0

Idc about spiders but I Fuckin hate snakes. Phone Post 3.0

Damn this thread!!! I hate spiders. Those motherfuckers just must have crawled directly out of hell to torture us on earth.. Phone Post 3.0

What the fuck are you doing! Phone Post 3.0

AussieRooJitsu - What the fuck are you doing! Phone Post 3.0

Just finished dinner and thinking about taking my dogs out for a walk on the beach.


Why did I click on this fucking nightmare of a thread. Phone Post 3.0



Typical OGer?