spiegel say something real wow

when i was at cz9 and i looked over in my corner and elias rivera was there after i was in a battle with him in cz8. it reminded of one of many reasons i love this sport.he's a great guy but there so many great people in this sport including fans. 1000 people in a tight spot a lot of testerone and hardly ever a problem.there is a few exceptions but o well. but really mma fighters and fans equal good times i love these things.o yeah and dan lauzon is so cute

Well said. I missed your call Jerry, was in a meeting for a class project.

um...flying triangle bitch

Did you find you Boneyard shirt.

ah. i was wondering who the kkm was.

whats kkm and who is papo zuda.and no i dident find my boneyard shirt.and im pissed cause that was a gift from bobby he tried to give me a shirt that said im a boneyard bitch but it dident fit and i bought two boneyard hats and i lost them to at diff times people like to steal boneyard shit it must be popular you gotta hold your boneyard shit people will snatch it

Bobby is the greatest man alive. Always giving....and quite handsome too.


i guess i know who papo zuda is know cause noone loves bobby diaz like bobby diaz

i wish people paid me to fight when i was in high school. how f ing cool is this sport punch someones face in they are still your friend then people congradulate you and you get paid