Spike still committed to MMA; taps new Sports SVP


Spike TV is getting serious about picking up sports rights. The network that targets young males moved veteran exec JON SLUSSER to the newly created position of Senior VP/Sports & Multi-Platform Programming. In that role, Slusser will negotiate to pick up sports rights for the network. "Spike is ready and is making a significant investment to grow our sports programming," Slusser said. "This is our future." Despite losing the UFC, which is headed to Fox, Spike still will focus on MMA, such as Bellator Fighting Championship, which is streaming preliminary bouts to Spike.com. Slusser plans to pursue non-traditional events that fall into four categories: fighting (MMA), motorsports (like Motocross and Rallycross), lifestyle sports (like rugby, beach volleyball, rodeo and extreme skiing) and event sports (like New Year's Eve specials and stunts).

Bellator moving to Spike remains a mere formality at this point, once licensing conflcts with UFC are cleared up that is. Here's hoping they bring back SLAMBALL.

I wouldn't say that Bellator moving to Spike is just a formality. They have to survive until 2013 in order for that to happen. Given that Plainfield Asset Management is in the process of liquidating their assets to meet a June 2012 date for returning investor capital, I'm not so sure Bellator will be around in 2013.

Slamball was awesome! Phone Post

Spike needs to pick up IT'S SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

funk samurai - Spike needs to pick up IT'S SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That would be awesome.

I would love to see kickboxing get another shot at cracking the American market.

 HBO should pick up it's showtime just for the lols

So they're serious after losing the biggest MMA organization? Phone Post

This is great news. I'd love to see guys like Saunders, Davis and anyone that was cut from the UFC still fighting on televised shows.