Spike TV MUST fix their programming !!

Spike Tv wants to be the leader of Combat Sports on network TV but refuse to play fights live except on the East Coast.

Whenever Bellator is on at 9pm Eastern, they wait until 9pm Pacific to air the fights! 

Now they have Glory 19 at  9pm eastern but since I am on the west coast i have to wait 3 more hours to see it on tv. 

Its 2015 and they are probably the only station not to play sporting events live nationally. Could you imagine if FOX, CBS, NBC pulled this shit in other sports? Its absolutley ridiculous in my opinion. 

What do they have on SPike before glory 19 ? 5 fucking hours of COPS re-runs (nothing against cops, great show). 


I feel bad for all the west coast fans who dont have access to being able to watch the even live and accidently have the fights spoiled.  I feel bad for the east coast fans who will have less people to chat with about the fights as they go down. I feel bad for Glory because they can potentially lose viewers due to people looking elsewhere than the tv to be able to watch the fights live. 

ttt 4 justice



forecast of upcoming combat sporting events on spike tv in my area

for the record, i understand delays for tv shows , sitcoms, drama's , etc. 

But NEVER sporting events

Yeah, it's hugely lame. Agree 100%. Especially when the show is based on the west coast. Phone Post 3.0

I just paid $20 for the stream.. Get to watch andy risite and other prelims .. Fuck you viacom-munists Phone Post 3.0