Spike TV to air LIVE K-1 events


Spike TV and K-1 announce deal. to showcase K-1 events through 2012. K-1 moves to Spike TV in 2013.

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Great news.


could mean a resurgence in Kickboxing in the US?

might make KB a real option for "stand up" fighters who lack the 6 months needed for sprawl training?

 OH SHIT SON!!  Between K-1 and Bellator, Spike is setting themselves up to be a power player in the world of combat sports.


pretty crazy that you could barely get ANY station to cover KB a few years ago, now Spike is going full out?

wild stuff in this crazy world of combat sports...

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Oh snap. That's pretty damn cool!


There will be a total of 4 events streamed on in 2012. Undetermined amount move to Spike TV in 2013. 1st event is Sep8.

Zuffa built up combat sport awareness outside of boxing and Viacom is playing snatchies. Phone Post  

Viacom is coming for that head, ya know what im saying?

Zuffa built mma up and Viacom will reap the rewards.

"ground fighting is boring, dude" - casual mma fan.

I wonder what the bellator crossover will be? Golden Glory?

Will Rogan stop saying "K1 level striking"? Phone Post  

Galanis -  Also, I heard K1 was in serious financial distress after the last opening GP? Is this untrue? I thought I had even herad something about It's Showtime signing most of the guys.. Have not kept up in the last couple months honestly.


new owners


K-1 sold to new Japanese owner, Tanikawa out
July 28th 2011
Legendary Japanese kickboxing promotion K-1 has been sold.

It has been sold by former parent company Fighting Entertainment Group to a Japanese real estate investment company called Barbizon.

The sale comes after a protracted period of financial and operational difficulties for K-1, once one of the pre-eminent combat sport shows in the world.

Dutch kickboxing promotion Its Showtime had been expected to make a play for the K-1 brand rights but it seems was either unable to or was not given the opportunity to.

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So awesome

Cyril Jeff -  

There will be a total of 4 events streamed on in 2012. Undetermined amount move to Spike TV in 2013. 1st event is Sep8.

Woohoo. More free streams for the free stream misers. Also, K1 + Bellator on one channel that I don't have to pay extra for! If FOX can just include FUEL in my cable package, I'd be set.

Smart move by Spike, Bellator isnt gonna bring anything close to what the UFC brought in so you add K 1 to fill some of that space.

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FANTASTIC NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Great news!!

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