Spike TV To Air Top Rank Boxing

SpikeTV with Boxing and Bellator is fantastic, this is going to be great.

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KingGhidorah206 - HBO is having Budget Cuts?

lol yea, stevemaxboxing Steve Kim
Word is that HBO is cutting their #boxing budget, and from this point forward, Showtime will be in play for more fights...
6 hours ago

stevemaxboxing Steve Kim
Showtime is very much in the running to televise Ortiz-Berto II, according to multiple sources.... #boxing
7 hours ago

this was before Showtime picked up Berto-Ortiz II

there was good match ups last year, but a lot didn't meet the hype..

Berto vs Ortiz 1 met expectations but that Chad Dawson and B-Hop didn't (Funniest shit I ever seen in 10 years).....

Floyd/Ortiz, Haye/Klitschko to name a few that didn't live up to the hype...