Spike TV UFC Unleashed #2 Tonight

August 1st - 11:05 pm et

Unleashed #2 - Spike TV

Ivan Salaverry vs. Tony Fryklund
Ivan Salaverry vs. Joe Riggs
Chris Leben vs. Jason Thacker
Josh Koscheck vs. Chris Sanford
Nate Quarry vs. Lodune Sincaid

wtf, im gonna have to switch to pro so i can use some damn html in here....

btw WWE is so fucking retarded....

Kos looked pretty good in that fight. Interested to see him Saturday now. Wasn't a big fan during the show, that's for sure.

Don't see too many KO punches from that short a distance; he's definitely got some power. Didn't appear to be breathing hard at all either aside from having to work for a couple takedowns.

still not a fan

i know quarry got the TKO on L___ but it seemed like he should have been able to KO him but he didnt put ALL his p[ower behind the shots... anyone agree?

Yeah, he'll probably never be that comfortable standing, but then Hughes still isn't, either.

sports illustrated now, nice