Spike who?

Anik did good, don't get some of the hate I have read here.

The network never had any bearing on the quality of fights, which is primarily from which enjoyment stems.

The network mostly just provides the potential for exposure. And in the case of FX, the potential is greater, because their lead-ins include shows like It's Always Sunny, Sons of Anarchy, Wilfred, Louie, the League, Justified, etc.; while Spike's were Manswers and 1000 ways to die.

When you alienate millions of fans cause they can't watch the prelims, no Phone Post

Northside Strangler - When you alienate millions of fans cause they can't watch the prelims, no <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

The UFC is employing brilliant strategy with Fuel, basically getting their own channel. IIRC Blaf himself said that Fuel's deals are up toward the end of the year, and when that happens, everyone will be getting Fuel. The channel will be in high demand & providers, like everyone else, go where the money is.

A1 Production

A1 Fighter performance

Great first FX card!

Can't wait for more of this classier, cleaner, more sport oriented Fox/UFC version of MMA! Phone Post

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JimmersonzGlove -  It's cool to get to watch live but it's a bummer that the HD broadcast is on delay for the west cost. Had to watch in standard.

 Not true at my house.I watched on Comcast HD channel 741.

 Damnit...then I blame AT&T U-Verse in San Diego! At least we get HDnet and Fuel though.