Spiking on Head Tips?

Just wanted some suggestions for set ups and takedowns to do the maxium ammount of damage when spiking someone on their head. (ex.Frank Shamrock vs Igor Z.) I am not a competeive wreslter nor out to hurt someone. But I would like to have the general knowledge of how it's most effectively done. Thanks in advance to anyone that responds.


What makes spiking someone on their head work is...

1. You need to pick them up. That means placing your hips close to and below their's in order to lift with the most effective technique.

and 2. When someone is being lifted they are usually worried about where their head might land. So their balance is usually ready to keep them from falling too hard especially angled with their head down. What it takes to throw this balance off is what you do anytime you want to off balance someone. When you pick them up with a double leg for example...if your head is on the left side, with them lifted start circling to your left, then with a quick change in direction to throw off their balance swing their legs as high as you can to your left as you go hard to your right with your head and body angling them down....

It can be very dangerous when done properly. Use control when you're with your partners. Hope this helps.


Other than a purely combat situation, why would you want to do this to anyone? lol. The average person has no practical use of spiking someone on their head. Maybe if you were engaged in combat type situations on a regular basis, ie. prison guard, highway patrolman, SF etc. Not trying to be a troll, just voicing my opinion.

Well Suplexman, I am the type of guy that likes learning new stuff. Doesn't matter if I ever use it or not. I figure if someone knows something I don't on any medium of martial arts including wrestling, that gives them a certain advantage over me. Weither to apply it or see it coming to counter it.

If I didn't know how to do an Armbar for example, I would want to learn that to. Even though the average person on the street doesn't know what one is, doesn't mean that there some out there that don't. So for example, not taking the time to learn something new such as an Armbar may hurt me in the future if I could end a fight useing one, or if someone tried to apply one on me and I wouldn't know what it is to counter it.

I understand you. I have seen people get hurt pretty bad by moves like that, thats all.