spilled water on powerbook

I usually leave my new 15" aluminum powerbook on the floor when I'm not using it. Last night I accidentally knocked a glass of water over and the water landed next to it and pooled around the bottom. It was on at the time but it immediately shut off, and I took out the battery and wiped off all the water immediately and commenced weeping and gnashing of teeth. I'm gonna give it 3 days to dry out before I try turning it on.

I read online a lot of stories about how it ended up okay, especially if it was just water. But those were usually spills on the keyboard, not on the bottom. Any other suggestions or experiences with this kind of thing?

I had a glass of water poured on the keyboard of my Dell ... it was off luckily. I took out the battery and let it dry upside down so all the water would drip out. 24 hrs later it was fine.

You should be fine to be honest.

If you want to get anal

Get some alcohol, and a bunch of q-tips

take it apart, and just do a nice little clean up of everything because the water COULD possible lead to some corrosion.

My friend just bought a brand new 17" Powerbook, and an ex- came
into his room while he was gone and dumped a glass of water on it.
He took it into an Apple Center to have it fixed, but it wasn't covered
by Apple Care. He ended up paying close to $2000 to have all the
components replaced.

Personally, I would've killed someone first.

Andrew, if it doesn't seem to work, I'll take it off your hands ;)

But seriously, if it doesn't work, DO NOT TELL APPLE YOU POURED WATER ON IT.


So you think if I try to get it repaired under the warranty, they won't be able to tell that it's due to water damage?

I'm going to try to turn it on tomorrow night, so hopefully damage is minimal.

ouch, i feel ur pain

i think ur gonna be ok though since u let it dry good and took the battery out

good luck dude

The first time I tried to turn it on, it made the POST noise, then nothing happened. I took the battery out, cursed a little bit, then put the battery back in and tried again.

This time, no problem. I ran the hardware diagnostic tool that come with Panther and the very detailed one that comes with Applecare, and all appears well. Hooray!

In conclusion,

sweet dude!

I spilled wine all over my powerbook while it was on. It got under the keyboard, in the electronics, and pooled up in the bottom. I thought I was fucked. The computer instantly froze.

I yanked the battery, took it apart and soaked up a lot of the wine, then I took it to a professional to have it cleaned.

Once cleaned it was as good as new. I love my powerbook.

fuck thats sweet bartos

I spilled an entire Orange Crush on a brand new laptop. I took it apart and cleaned it using alcohol as best I could but the DVD drive was hosed. It was under warranty so i called tech support about the drive. They sent me a new one and nothing was ever said about the sticky orange shit all over the drive..

I worked as a tech fixing stuff for a while. People spill shit on their stuff ALL THE TIME, and it rarely causes damage. Just don't drop the thing off a desk.

Most laptop damage involves fists.