Spin Bike vs. Stationary Bike

I am considering buying a spin bike from costco ($600). However, I am tempted to buy the $350 stationary bike that sits right next to it on the shelf.

I have taken spin classes in the past, and have loved the great workouts. However, I am wondering whether I can pocket the extra cash and get a similar workout from the stationary bike.

Question - Can I get the same workout from a stationary bike as I would from a spin bike? Why the price difference?

And before someone says "go buy a bike and ride outside" . . . I could, but there will be two feet of snow on the ground before the end of the month.

Thanks OG.

I'm a fairly serious mountain biker. That sounds funny, I'm not serious on the trails, but I do ride a lot and am in pretty good shape. I have not found any stationary bike that comes close to a spin bike. The disc on the spin bike + the felt brake better simulates the resistance of a bike. They're also usually closer in adjustment/riding position and allow for clipless pedals/shoes.

Its ungodly hot here in vegas in the summer, so I bought a spin bike (star trac spinner pro) for the house. I did intervals to build a base level of fitness and then trained on the real bike for a race once I could ride for real.

As for why the price dif? Most stationary bikes are built like a wal-mart kid's toy and most spin bikes are built like a tank. I cannot see my bike at least ever breaking anything other than possibly a chain.

If you want my opinion, get the spin bike if you can reasonably afford it.

 Why not just get a $100-150 wind trainer or rollers and put a real bike on it? Then you can also ride the bike when weather permits.