spin drills for chesty ladies?

This is not a misplaced OG thread. I have a BJJ training question.

I like to use spin drills (one partner turtles, the other places the top-most part of their chest on the center of the other's back, and spins from side to side, maintaining balance without the use of their hands) to teach weight, pressure, and a way of entering the back mount from the turtle.

I planned on using this drill next week in the Wesleyan BJJ club, when it occurred to me that a couple of the ladies in the class are VERY endowed. It had not crossed my mind that they might not really be able to do this drill (comfortably, or even AT ALL). I would like to get some input from the female BJJ practitioners before I introduce this in class, lest I be thought insensitive.

How can I make this drill more comfortable/appropriate for these gals? Should I substitute another drill?

Thanks for your input,


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I've had similar situations in my gym over the years. The solution is called a 'sports bra'. If the spin move is still uncomfortable, they usually modify it themselves with no problem.

Don't call attention to it. I feel self-conscious myself when my XXXL-size groin cup is making certain techniques awkward. I know how they feel.


make them practice in the shower and have a camcorder handy.

Put it on dvd because the vhs tapes will wear out after I playing it a zillion times.

Let me know where you train, I will be right over...

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I asked a female friend. Partner the girls with other girls if possible, and they can make the adjustments themselves, with a sports bra it should be fine.

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Personally I hate spin drills (I'm a lady), they will never be comfortable! But it doesn't mean that they can't be done. I've never had to do it in a gi, but it may make the drill a lot easier, I just remember my t-shirt getting really twisted up and having to re-adjust every couple of drills.

I say give it a shot, watch the ladies, if it seems that they are having a particularly hard time, maybe find another drill to fill its place.


I've got the solution! there's a variation of that drill that i learned not too long ago.
instead of chest to back on a turtled partner - why not try putting one shoulder between the bottom person's shoulderblades ... so that the arm falls over the side, palm outward, blocking the upper arm and elbow of the turtled opponent (this is great for eliminating the clothesline double as you spin around)

now that position will feel uncomfortable at first but you are essentially winding your arm/body up (the arm should almost feel like its in an americana) and instead of moving on the balls of both feet, you will take 2 scissor steps to get to the back. i.e. if your right arm is draped over your partner then you should be facing your left and your right leg will scissor step (as if you were shifting into kesa-gatame) which should take you half way across and then take a step over with the left leg. that should get you to the back and 'unwind' the arm. its more like spiraling but also helps balance and pressure like the spinning drill.

hope that helps!

Thanks for the handful of serious responses :-)

I will try having them spin on their shoulders and see how that goes. I think that sounds like a good suggestion. When I first started training, I was in a club that had a number of ladies, and my best friends also trained (also gals). One of them in particular had the problem with the t-shirt not staying down, and it being uncomfortable, and even when she used the top of her chest by her collarbones, she was still getting in her own way.

Most of these ladies already pair of with female partners, so that won't be an issue (though I find it surprising that the guys JUMP towards each other when I finish teaching. It's like they're AVOIDING working with the gals......I think there's a "cooties" issue).

And for all of you that are posting the ridiculous responses, well, thanks for keeping this at the top. And if you can't figure out where I'm teaching, especially after reading in the first post that this is the WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY BJJ CLUB, then you have problems. Or it's your first day on the internet.


Um, that's totally not the drill we're discussing. That's an armbar drill that Roy shows in Armlocks, vol. 1. This is a "taking the back" drill from turtle top. But thanks :-)


you coming down to Sean's for the Matt Thornton NYC seminar? its only a couple of weeks away!


I will not make it this year. I had already committed to bringing some students to the UVM tourney that weekend. I want them to have a "warmup" before the NAGA tourney in November (The NAGA tourney is LITERALLY around the corner from my location in Middletown).