Spirit Wolf robbed on Challengers

Judges voted like Ranallo and Militech called it. Never mentioned one of numerous piston like jabs on Spirit Wolf's part, and all of their highlights of Evangelista landing wound up with Militech saying: "Oh...blocked but good form." Knockdown and numerous takedowns ignored as well. Just amazing for a professional sport. It would be like in the NFL if every highlight showed someone drop the pass.

I thought it was 29-28 Spirit Wolf, but second round was the key on how it was judged.

 this is a joke right?

No, I don't just go by what Mauro says.

 Spiritwolf is fun to watch and tough as they come...but he lost that fight 29-28

if he wouldnt have gassed, I think he may have won...but he ate too many shots while exhausted

Spirit Wolf definitely lost.


Spirit Wolf impressed me but no way he won that fight.

I don't go by if the guy is tired if he makes the other guy miss anyway. Sure he lost the third round but that's it.

Whoever you think won, that was not a robbery. Each fighter clearly won 1 round a piece, with the second round being competitive. I thought Evangelista won based on his striking, I thought he had volume and quality.