Spiritual uplift, secular music

I listen to some Christian rock but I mostly listen to secular music. I am always pleased to find uplifting spiritual aspects to such music. But sometimes I feel I find it in the most unlikely places.

This is going to sound weird, but do any of you ever get a good vibe from the Rolling Stones? I love the Stones and most of their songs are about getting high and getting laid and being ugly and unwashed. But there are these little gems here and there. Not only did they sing, one "Exile in Main St.," "I don't wanna walk and talk about Jesus, I just wanna see his face..." but I find that "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you find you get what you need" is a statement compatible with my view on prayer requests. And, oddly, even though "Sympathy for the Devil" is about the Devil, it's view of the adversary jives with what we think of him. While the Stones may have "sympathy" for him, they don't pull any punches when they describe how charming and vicious he is, and also reminds us he was there "when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and FAITH."

So, where am I going with this? Do you guys ever find spiritual uplift in secular music?


I have been where you are my friend. I became a Christian at a time when "Christian Music" was really becoming popular. There seemed to be a big push for people to only listen to Christian artists and would actually describe someone as "The Christian James Taylor" or "The Christian Steely Dan" (Give me a break!)

I get uplifted and blessed from TONS of non-Christian artists. I get blessed watching Shawshank Redemption by the love and friendship between the two main characters.

I get uplifted and blessed hearing, speaking of James Taylor, sing "Your Smiling Face"...a song he wrote about his little girl.

This is when I learned that all truth is God's truth.

Well said, BobbyD. Thing is, I don't get with the idea of listening to only Christian music. I also don't feel we only have to listen to music so that it clearly and overtly reminds us of God's glory. God is music, he makes it happen, all beautiful music must, as you say, be evidence of his glory. That said, I can see why some people need to regulate their input, you know? If they are trying to walk a holy walk, maybe that's what they need.


I agree totally. I remember when my favotire guitar player, a Christian, put out an instrumental album. I was talking with a DJ for a Christian Radio show and he said, "How can he do that? How will people know the music is "Christian"?

I laughed!!

There are TONS of things that draw me to God that most people would look at and say, "Do what?"


Hilarious. How will anyone know flowers are Christian? How will anyone know physics is Christian?

I get spiritually uplifted listening to Peter Himmelman, but he is not really secular, he is jewish.

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Good topic gotgame!

Music has the ability to capture a raw emotion and release it through a song. A musical note is a vibration that is not only heard but felt. While the lyrics of a song engage the mind, the tune actually engages the flesh. Both working together can create a memorable experience. All of this is just the typical human response to music.

All musicians (secular or religions) are worship leaders. Worshiping God through music will allow us to submit to Him; body, mind, and spirit. Music that worships self will encourage us to submit to flesh; body, mind, soul. Musicians encourage folks to go one way or the other. Even secular musicians can aknowledge God as the giver of their gifts and express a desire to know Him. They were created to worship Him and express His greatness through their talent whether they're doing it or not.

Of course I also beleive that the Church is largely responsible for shunning artists but that's another topic.

Well, given this, is there any such thing as bad music? Or just music that brings you down, spiritually?

The beatles have some good uplifting tunes.

Good music = anything that leads you to exhault God

Bad music = the opposite of that

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Actually I kinda like a few of their tunes.

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I listen to mostly Christian Rock bands like Third Day,12 Stones,Skillet,MXPX,East West,POD,etc. I would put Third Day up against any secular band out there today in song writing and live performance. I do enjoy secular bands such as U2,Rush,Live, Social Distortion as well.

yours in Christ


There's no question that a lot of Christian rock is of good quality, but I can't help feeling the music is constrained. I believe the late Rich Mullins thought so, too.