Spirituality and Breath Work

How (if at all) do you use breath work in your spiritual practices? Is it an important feature to you? What perceived benefits do you experience? Do you think that other traditions could benefit from elements of your practice? Where did you learn the techniques? Are there any books/online material you would suggest on the topic?

now that is some breathwork!

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I was asking the question because I recently got into doing kundalini yoga. It focuses big time on breath work. For me, it works really fast, and I notice more of a difference compared to other styles of yoga I tried. It got me thinking about how cults use meditation and hyperventilation in some cases to produce dramatic effects.

bludall thinks that most Christians ask for material things when they pray......

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in meditation

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my 0.02$, just try to breath naturally, that´s difficult enough most of the times, with all the uncounscious tensions we carry around with.