SPLINTER CELL help please

In the first Splinter Cell Im stuck on the defense ministry. I get into the building and take out the guy in the room then the two in the hallway. Then I go in the door which lead me downstair, however I always set off the camera in the stairwell going down. How do you get by that shit?

Just walk slowly down the stairs till you can peek around the corner. Then just shoot it out. There will be one more after that.

rypani how do u like sp. i played sp 1 and 2 and i loved both. go to sp forums to get ya answers


Thanks Lions-D, Ill definately check that out. I actually loved the game at first but it pisses me off not being able to save all the time. I hate accomplishing shit then if I mess up I have to do it all again.

are u playing the pc version---allows u to save at any time. ubisoft.com has forums that u can ask questions about sp in any platform. i got through the game as a result