Split snatches always with the same leg forward?

I have real problems with squat snatches and can only split snatch. I have been told to always use the same leg forward. Aside from building muscle memory, is there another good reason for always using the same side forward? If so, what exercise should I do to balance out the opposite side? Thanks in advance.

Depends how heavy you go and why you're doing it, in my opinion.

When I teach CrossFit, I have the students stick with their strong side on heavy lifts, as we do plenty of work to balance them out with lighter loads and other heavy lifts that we do.

If you're doing 1RM's and really heavy weights and working on technique, then stick with your strong side -- it's like surfing, snowboarding or kickboxing. You don't switch sides, it's just how the sport works.

If you are not going that heavy and your training is less about being a kick-ass O-lifter and more about general strength and conditioning, and you're not doing other lifts that would balance you out...then do both sides. Sometimes I do both sides using d-bells and do a d-bell complex.

Makes sense. Thanks.

Both sides then. O lifts are just part of the workout. I have no illusions about great 1rm. :) Phone Post

 Great Answer from Becca. I agree with her 100%


Would lunges with the opposite side be a good exercise to balance heavy split snatches? Phone Post