!(spoiler)! Penn-Stevenson

Up next...

P.S. Fuck you, Golden Boy!

BJ: "Let's make it a 7 round fight" hmm

Go Joe!

7 round championship fights are coming.

Well, whats the result? A spoiler means it has already happened.

Eventual spoiler, imo. For God-fearing Americans and Canadians.

Penn by total domination (psst... no, not really... I'm just tryin' to piss off Golden Boy)!

Joe seems like a really nice guy, it sucks that BJ is going to have to beat his ass.

I think it will be very good while it lasts.

This should beat out the Pauls for fight of the Night

Mucho Respect for Joe, he will be at the top for a while, just not at the very tippy top, thats for BJ

Breathe in - breathe out (obvious psychological attempt to get Penn to gas)

Bute, Sherk said he was falsely accused (lol). Cut him some slack. Asshole.

"The UFC is giving the steroid cheat a lot of love, if Penn wins I hope he publicly calls out and insults the steroid shark."

BJ would officially be my favorite fighter if he called Sherk on his roid use on a PPV.

"Breathe in - breathe out (obvious psychological attempt to get Penn to gas)"



Gets plate of crow ready

Just in case...

Same here... I didn't pick not one winner so far. Wow...


BJ looks scary in his corner compared to Joe.  Joe looks almost a bit spooked.

lol Mine did too before. I refreshed and suddenly I see Werdum being interviewed. lol wtf!

By the way, Kostakio Thanks for the play by play didn't get to order this one.