Spoilers for Raw next week

  At the start of the show they had a graphic announcing that Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, and R Truth will be in a Number One Contender Match for the WWE Title at Money In the Bank. They also announced Alex Riley versus Miz.

John Cena comes out for a promo and he mentions that CM Punk has been stripped of his right to challenge John Cena for the WWE Championship in Chicago. He mentions that is why they are going to do the Triple Threat Match to determine a new number one contender. He also says that they are going to treat things as if CM Punk never existed in WWE.

Cena says that he is not happy with the decision and he believes that Punk was saying what he believes in, but he does not agree with Punk. He does agree with Punk’s right to say what he did. Cena says that he wants answers from Vince McMahon and he wants those answers tonight.

John Cena says that he wants to face CM Punk at Money in the Bank

Match Number One: Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres defeat the Bellas when Kelly pinned one of the Bellas.

R Truth is interviewed in the back by Scott Stanford and Truth says that he already beat John Cena so he shouldn’t have to win a Triple Threat Match tonight to face Cena at Money in the Bank. Truth talks about how there is a conspiracy.

Truth bumps into Alberto Del Rio and Del Rio tells Truth that it is his destiny.

Match Number Two: WWE Tag Team Champions Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga defeated Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella when McGillicutty pinned Santino after a neck breaker.

After the match, while everyone was still in the ring, Zack Ryder came out onto the stage and said ‘Woo woo woo you know it’ and left.

Miz was interviewed by Scott Stanford in the back and Miz says that he should be in the number one contender’s match tonight. Miz says that he isn’t in that match because of Alex Riley. Miz says that he brought Riley on Raw and he is going to take him out tonight.

Match Number Three: Jack Swagger over Sergeant Slaughter with the Swagger Bomb. After the match, Swagger puts Slaughter in the ankle lock until Evan Bourne comes to the ring to make the save.

Slaughter leads the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Match Number Four: Alberto Del Rio defeats Rey Mysterio and R Truth with a cross arm breaker on Mysterio to become the new number one contender for the WWE Championship.

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler are having a Fourth of July party in the ring since he is the United States Champion. Vickie wants everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Dolph but they don’t so Vickie sings to Dolph.

Dolph says that he is the best superstar and he is in his prime. Dolph says that as long as he is the United States Champion, it is the only title that matters.

Kofi Kingston comes out to the ring and he says that without Vickie in his corner, Dolph cannot beat him. Dolph tells Kofi that he is at a higher level than Kofi and that Kofi should leave his party. Vickie gets pushed into the birthday cake and then Kofi and Dolph brawl.

Match Number Five: Alex Riley beats Miz with a backslide.

After the match, Miz destroyed Riley, breaking the barricade and then he dropped the ring steps on Riley.

Vince McMahon comes out and he says that CM Punk deserved his suspension and he talks about how Punk wanted too much money for his new contract. Vince says that he is standing by his decision to suspend Punk.

John Cena comes out and he says that Vince loves freedom of speech and he still wants to face CM Punk. Cena says that if Vince doesn’t feel like fighting then he should hang it up.

Vince says that he really suspended Punk because he doesn’t want Punk to leave with the title. Cena made fun of Vince being afraid to let Punk wrestle. Cena talks about the match and then Vince tells Cena not to piss him off and not to be like Hogan.

Cena tells Vince to give the people what they want. Vince says that he doesn’t give a damn what the people want. Cena gives Vince a speech and then gives Vince the WWE Championship and walks out.

Vince tells Cena to wait and he meets him on the ramp. Vince says that CM Punk is reinstated and Cena has his match at Money in the Bank with CM Punk. Vince tells Cena that if Punk walks out of Chicago with the title then John Cena is fired.

This was the end of the taping.

There was no mention about Del Rio’s title shot after the closing segment.


 did this angle just get ruined with now if cena loses he will be fired?

...... lame

So fucking shitty

maybe cena's will film another movie or take time off

 I'm confused.  RAW pre-tapes the opening promo a week in advance?

They're taping back to back episodes because of the holiday weekend coming up. (4th of July) Phone Post

jackangle - maybe cena's will film another movie or take time off


aces_taylor -  They're taping back to back episodes because of the holiday weekend coming up. (4th of July) Phone Post

 ohhh shit.. so we'll get complete spoilers tonight.  nice.

I see a bit of a superstar mutiny against Vince McMahon based on this. Maybe even at MiTB, like Punk wins the title, Vince comes out to fire Cena, and the whole roster comes out and threatens to walk if they get the boot.

sadly, the story is getting predictable. cena loses the match, but someone cashes in the mitb and becomes the hero. pretty predictable now.

They could go another way with it. Cena loses, CM 'leaves' with the belt. Then you can do Cena pursuing CM outside the WWE for awhile. Hounding him until CM begs Vince for protection. Vince brings them both back to settle things. Just a random idea.

" Vince tells Cena that if Punk walks out of Chicago with the title then John Cena is fired."

It's official folks. Super Cena to retain the title.

 "CM Punk’s memorable shoot promo that ended Monday’s episode of WWE Raw was entirely unscripted improvised by Punk. Punk was instructed to go out and say in his own words why he was leaving the company, and nobody in the back knew what he was going to say.

Company officials (and the entire locker room) were watching Punk’s promo very closely in case he went too far – and despite all the taboo things mentioned by the #1 contender to the WWE championship, the production team was only told to cut the segment when WWE’s anti-bullying campaign was mentioned, as the company does not want the program’s legitimacy questioned by bringing it into a storyline.

Punk ‘s frustration with not being featured as a top superstar in WWE is legitimate and one of the reasons he’s been strongly considering leaving WWE.

As far as his contract status, Punk’s deal apparently expired the second week of July, but he recently signed an extension to work through the Money in the Bank pay-per-view on July 17th.

Based on what we are hearing, Punk really will be leaving WWE after The MITB PPV;
 for at least a few months."

 Watch this quickly. It will be gone soon.

Well that video just ruined MITB. Now it definitely goes to two options:
- Cena just wins the title or
- Punk wins and the MITB winner cashes in straight after so Punk doesn't 'walk out of Chicago with the belt' so Cena doesn't get fired Phone Post

No, what they've done is set up a compelling storyline. I believe that CM Punk will win the title, why? Because as of last Monday night CM Punk became THE #1 commodity in professional wrestling. That promo just made him a legend to every real wrestling fan out there. If they let him walk, they will not only be losing that commodity, but basically HANDING OVER to either TNA or more likely ROH a guaranteed draw and boost in ratings. They've given so much air time to this and boosted CM Punk to a very VERY high level. They would NOT be doing this if CM Punk was adamant about running out the door.

Either they have a deal done, or CM Punk is playing them along letting them think if he wins, he'll sign a new contract so he can boost himself up with this feud and walk out the door anyways.