Spoke to Randelman today

His new training, trainer, partners and location has really made a difference.

When he is on - he can be the best in the world. This is going to be an awesome fight!

Jason Lester
KO Fight Gear

so where is he training again?

Randelman might just have Cro Cop's number. Mirko's gotta be thinking about the last time they fought.

Sure, it's a motivation for payback, however, it's gotta be playing on him somewhere in his head that Kevin cleaned his clock big time.

I'm eagerly awaiting on this one.

He isn't training or living in Ohio that's for sure. And has been training his ground game like no other. I was amazed by the names he said he is training with. I can't wait for this fight to happen.

Tell us what he said?Where and who his new team is.Just don't leave us hanging.

I'll leave that up to him and his team. I'm just happy to see him focused and happy.

"When he is on - he can be the best in the world."

I have been hearing that for 8 years. Randleman will never be the best.

"His new training, trainer, partners and location has really made a difference."
Hmmmm.... new trainer new partners new location but still the same Randelman, Randelman always says hes a brand new fighter before every fight and then we see this simply isnt true, I just hope he kicks Mirkos ass again.

The KO Group INC.,
It's no secret that Randleman is training in Las Vegas. It was on MMAWeekly News last Thursday. If I'm not mistaken, I think he is training with John Lewis. Probably Chuck Liddel.

Anyhow, I agree with Better Mouse Trap. It was Kevin's plan to get Cro Cop to the ground last time too. He was setting Mirko up with fake shots and found an opening when Cro cop went to kick.

Kevin should definatly get this one to the ground and pound him out. We'll see if Cro Cop's subs have improved any.


Randleman is now fighting out of Vegas, but not with John Lewis or Chuck... and yes, look for Randleman to make some big waves in the MMA scene this year. He's never mentioned it before but I have no idea if he cares whether or not people know who he's training with so I'll leave that to someone else.

ttt for Randleman and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Kevin is good when he's on but he is like Vitor every now and then they are "on".Waterman made him tap to a weak looking keylock they very same year he beat Mirko.WTF is that?

Randleman reminds me of Belfort.

You NEVER know which one is gonna show up!

I hope he beats Crocop again.

he says he's a brand new fighter every fight, so there's really no reason to pay attention to that. Even if he does beat Cro Cop again, he's still lost to Waterman and Fedor this year, so its not like he's on some huge winning streak

"...Randleman is now fighting out of Vegas, but not
with John Lewis or Chuck..."

Is he with Las Vegas Combat Club, then? Is Coleman
training with him?

one of my alltime faves, always interesting, often disappointing, but a monster no doubt!...Mirko will be out to kill though, protect ya neck kevin!

during the heavyweight gp (alternate fight)...one of the best all around wars pride has seen. im suprised you forgot

there is a wealth of jiu-jitsu/ground training to be found in ohio. the Hammer House guys were just to lazy and stubborn to actually admit that people had more knowledge than them and actually seek them out.

Randleman is like Vitor, but more so...