Spong: I spoke to Dana, I want to fight in Dublin

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                                Spong: I spoke to Dana, I want to fight in Dublin

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                    <p><a href="http://www.twitter.com/JonathanShrager" target="_blank">Jonathan Shrager</a> talks with combat sports extraordinaire Tyrone Spong regarding factors that have thus far precluded his UFC debut and his desire to box Wladimir Klitschko.</p>

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I thought Spong was under WSOF contract.


The best of moment of that last shitty TUF season was when he went into the locker room and told the ATT lads to do one.

Amazing technique and a ferocious style. I went to the last Dublin event and I will be at the next one if Tyrone is fighting.

Also whoever Jonathon Shrager is just like to say thank you for all the all the interviews. You don't ask long winded leading questions and you are quite insightful. Really cannot think of anyone else in MMA who does a better interview.

I'm torn because I would love to see him in the UFC but I also love to watch him compete in other sports as well. Guess we will see if he signs or not.

mpalan09 - I thought Spong was under WSOF contract.
WSOF's deal has them tearing up contracts if UFC comes calling.

They are kind of a silent AAA ball league to the MLB that is UFC.

They are playing ball and playing nice so as not to rile up the UFC and will let anyone out of their deal to fight in the UFC compared to Bellator who wishes to compete. Phone Post 3.0

Would love to see Spong in UFC!

jitzophrenic - Would love to see Spong in UFC!
This! Phone Post 3.0

Hope so. This dude is a beast Phone Post 3.0

I was considering the flight from London for this if the card was decent. Think this would convince me!

Everybody wants to fight in front of an Irish crowd.

Spong vs Fedor, make it happen Dana!

great fighter. would love to see him in the ufc

Love Spong ...but fight Wladimir ?? lolz
Anyways big Tyson Fury is gonna get him first ;)

Spong vs Jimi Manuwa in dublin please.