Sponsership for Karim Byron...

Dear All,

As you all know by now, Karim "Sugar Bear" Byron has made History and is the first Canadian to win the N/A ADCC Qualifiers. He will be heading down to Long Beach to compete against the best grapplers in the world in the most prestigious grappling event to date. We are actively looking for Sponsers to make Karim's journey a smoother one. For further info, kindly email me at shahram@ronin-mma.com.

Kindest Regards

Shahram Rashti

ttt for Karim.

You've got mail!




ttt and belated congrats to Karim!


I forgot to mention the reason we are looking for sponsers. Karim is a full time student and works part time, the sponsership will help with cutting the hours he works so that he can train harder and longer for his fights. Ronin is sponsering Karim and will also cover all his neutritional suppliments. I appriciate the people that have stepped forward to support Canada's Champ, you guys are the true supporters of the sport we all love.



If there is anyone that deserves this help it is Karim Byron. I've been one of his students for a while and not only is he a great competitor, as North America has now witnessed, but he is one of the most generous and kind human beings that I've ever met. He has always been willing to help anyone that has approached him with a question and is always looking to give people advice on their game. It has been a dream of his to reach the ADCC's and I cannot think of anyone who could represent Canada in a more dignified and professional way. Karim, congratulations again, as always you can for sure count on my support.
Guys, lets give our local talent the support he needs!

I shouldn't be saying this but Karim is on his way to being the world's first super heavyweight ninja....=)



TTT Sugar Bear is the coolest guy in BJJ!