Sponsor Question

can an amatuer fighter be sponsored by a clothing company just by giving them fight clothes-- shorts,t-shirts,hoodies etc...      no money involved at all

or does that violate there amatuer status

anybody ??

Yes you can...

...and I even blv you can be paid for wearing it without crossing the line

I am an ammy and I get spnosored with gear sometimes.. I have never asked a clothing line for money...

Your school should provide that for you...

I will fight again this july 15th in IFC again as an ammy and am looking for sponsors...

Network your shit and dont do the company wrong.. you should get alot of responses...

Good Luck!!!

how often do larger companies like tapout and sprawl sponsor amateurs

Those guys dont.. unless you know someone who knows someone... Go for the smaller names..Better shit IMO

you would think they would go for all levels to promote there product

Yeah I agree....

nothing wrong with sponsors as an ammy. clothing or money. they aren't paying you to fight. they are paying you for marketing, imo.
I believe amateur boxers get paid sponsorships to help offset their costs.

You a sponsor?

me, no. my biz is just part time to help pay my bills. if i ever make real money at it I would though.
In fact, i'm trying to find some sponsors of my own, LOL.