Sponsor Sherron "Rob Roy" Leggett

Sherron "Rob Roy" Leggett, WEC Veteran and the first and only Tapout Superhero is looking for sponsors for his fight this weekend. If you are interested please email us back at asfightpromo@gmail.com




"Rob Roy...Rob Roy...ROB Rooooooooyyyyyyyyy"

where is the fight?

He's fighting in a show in Missouri.


ttt for Rob Roy

Maybe get a TapouT deal?

He's looking for others as well.


Rob Roy!!!!!

This guy was cool as hell. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Someone give him a sponsor!

Yeah he is a good guy, would be a great oppurtunity for a company to get a hold of him.


did the wec release him..if so very weak!!!! stuff rob roy..was the coolest guy on the the tapout show

One of my top 3 favorite local fighters, mostly because he talks to himself

TTT for Rob Roy Rob Roy!!!

WEC had him on a fight by fight basis and they have a huge backlog of fighters looking for fights.

He wasn't in a long term deal with WEC.