Sponsors for Shonie

Any available sponsors interested in working with Shonie Carter starting with his fight on May 21 at the WEC.

Please contact me at:





and also invite shonie and brian gassaway for a seminar too

Shonie Carter is a pimp!

Does Shonie have a clothing line?

Mortal, Shonie does not have a clothing line yet. If you know of anyone intersted in putting a clothing line together we need an artist to take Shonie's concepts and put them on paper. Then we need the inventory, production, logistics,etc.

Let me know.


I do not have the connections, or the know-how. I just think he could put out some cool things to wear.

Mortal- We agree. We have seen one cartoon character t-shirt of Shonie. It was great. He only had three girls on him though.
(There might have been room for another!)

Tommy have shonnie call JJ at casca-grossa.

Who is he fighting at WEC?

shonie will be fighting karo pariysian

If Shonie beats Karo, I think he deserves another shot in the UFC.

Vato Loco- How do I reach JJ at Casca Grossa??

TR jj@casca-grossa.com


Shonie deserves another shot in the UFC.

LOL, thats a big period in case you didn't notice....

tony, jj will not be back till monday due to NAGA atlanta. his toll free # is 1.866.562.2722

jj, tell shonie to call me and i will help!