SPONSORS for sub tourney in MS

The first major submission grappling tournament in the state of Mississippi is looking for sponsors.


If you are interested in sponsorship or know someone who might be, send an email to info@ShootHook.net


I know Gameness was in with a couple gulf coast tournaments a couple of years ago. Check with them.

thanks. when are you getting back?


when is this tournament ?

"thanks. when are you getting back?"

I get back in early June. I won't be able to come to the tourney that weekend. I will try and get a bunch of the guys from the gym to come.

June 23 in Madison, MS

Gladiator's Academy would love to compete. Please let us kn ow when and where and we will all come out. www.gladiatorsacademy.com is our website to send us a packet. You can send me stuff via email at crazytimbjj@yahoo.com and I will get it to our surrounding schools. We had a tournament at our gym in Baton Rouge on May 5th with about 120-150 competitors. Hope to see you guys soon.

Crazy Tim

Might come down and check it out how far are you from the ATL.........

Thanks Tim. you've got mail

Driving time from ATL to Jackson is approx. 6 hrs. (give or take, depending on construction issues in Alabama)


Only 1 week until the tourney. Pre-registration ends on Monday, June 18. Save $10 with online registration.