Sponsors Needed for WFA and BoDog

We have a USA vs Russia Bodog event in Canada in Dec ( one of the super
fights) on PPV (Dec 2nd)

We also have the main event of the WFA Light Heavy Weight Title Fight on
PPV (Dec 9th)

Bodog in Russia (undefeated K1 Fighter) on PPV (Dec 14th)

Please advise if you have interest in any. Fighter, fighter corner all

The Russia vs USA Bodog is a Superfight (main event)

As is the LHW title shot in the WFA.

Please email me the details.



which fighters do u have?

What do you mean by "We?" Bodog and WFA are 2 separate organizations.

We is not Bodog or WFA.

These are individual fighters three of them in three different events.

Super Fight (Dec 2nd) in the Russia vs USA Bodog event

WFA Light Heavyweight Title event

and a upcoming Bodog event in Russia.

AGJ check your inbox/

Sorry for the confusion