Sponsorship for George Sotriopolou

Just thought I would throw this out there and see if some one is interested.

George Sotiropolous who is on this season of TUF is currently looking for sponsors. We are looking for serious inquiries only.

If any one is interested please hit me up at haloskin@lifetime.oregonstate.edu.


$500 for my logo on the top back waistband of his shorts. 6 to 8 inches tall.


I have been sponsoring fighters in the UFC since UFC Iowa. No name guy = $500 to $750 for shorts.


George = a name guy though


hahaha purebred hit it on the dot.

OldSchool, you may have been a sponsor for guys in the UFC for awhile...butttt...i guess you don't know about many guys out there that are better than guys in the UFC.

how's about Krazy Kwang from Korea..you think he's a no-name guy?

lol i think not.




I know George, he actually debuted on my event. I have a few options. will chat very soon.

xfcpromoter777@gmail.com (remove 7's)

Sotiropolous - Not a name guy. No way. Not outside your small circle.

Ho Bah = KKM


Sotiropolous - Not a name guy. No way. Not outside your small circle."

My small circle includes a million people a week that watch on Spike TV. George is a legit fighter, Machado Black Belt, Abu Dhabi veteran, and has some quality wins. More importantly George is also a quality person.

ttt for George!

TTT for George. A fellow Greek :)

Maybe contact alarm clock makers?

I did and they said that George makes alarm clocks look bad

At least they'd wake you up on time...

"Maybe contact alarm clock makers?"
LOL.......that a good one

Good to see George is making a good name for Aussie MMA.

Not saying is not skilled. But nobody in the USA would consider him a "name" fighter. Not today at least.