Sponsorship for main event fight in XFO June 25th

 Hey guys I know there are many companies on here so I figured I'd make a thread.  I will be fighting in 5 weeks in the XFO as the main event June 25th and am seeking some sponsorship.  I know the last one streamed live on the internet and I have many internet interviews and things coming up.  If anyone is interested in sponsorship or know of any companies I should hit up email me please at chris@chrisbrennan.com

Thank you very much for your time.

Chris Brennan




ttt for Brennan winning this fight and getting back to the UFC

you should stick around and do a no-gi seminar

 Good idea lets set it up



Who ya fighting?

And XFO is show I've been working with for years. Lardy is a great promoter.


sticky this mother

Ted Worthington vs The Westside Strangler!!!

Is this in Chicagoland ?! Phone Post

lifeaftrprison - Is this in Chicagoland ?! Phone Post

XFO is traditionally in "Chicagoland"

 I guess just outside chicago.  Can't say who yet cuz they havent but we know.




 War Brennan!

Good luck, get paid, get to the big show!


Good luck Chris TTT

ttt for opponent name