Sponsorship for TUF 7 fighter Nick Klein!!!

Hey underground, I am in need of some assistance with sponsorships. I plan on being pretty active this year. First let me tell any interested sponsors my plan.

March 6th and 7th Arnolds grappling classic
March-Combat Corner Milwaukee WI
April 24th-NAGA
June 5th 6th 7th Worlds in Long Beach California
November No GI Worlds in California

3-5 MMA fights by year round I will not start doing MMA until July or later this year.

I am training my azz off 8-9 times per week in Muay Thai, wrestling, and BJJ. I am working out strength and cardio 3 times per week. I am working hard to get back into UFC. I will not let you down.

Any sponsors should know they would have ads/banners/links to their homepage on my webpage www.cowjitsu.com Obviously mentioned in any interviews. I will wear gear and promote. I am a good kid I do not mess with drugs and I go to bed on time. I am a square but I get the job done! I am thinking about starting a vlog on my comeback path and they should be pretty interesting. You would obviously be mentioned in those as well, I am thinking about putting out a vlog every 1-2 weeks. Banners on myspace page as well. www.myspace.com/plavcanspizimp

Some things you should know is I train and live in Madison WI. At the start of the year my gym has affiliated with Alliance BJJ and they have tons of world champions in BJJ. I train under BJJ purple belt Mark Plavcan at Twisted Fitness Gym and he is seriously talented. Trane my MT under John Phelan and Eric Margraff. Anyways here is a list of some of my accomplishments and a vid of my TUF 7 audition tape.

MMA: Pro 3-0 AM 1-0
1-0 Pankration

24-3 BJJ/Submissions
Wisconsin Open 2004 Heavy Weight Champion
Wisconsin Open 2004 Absolute Champion
NAGA Chicago 2005 LHW Advanced Champion
NAGA Chicago 2006 Middle Weight Advanced Champion

Nick Klein's TUF 7 Audition VideoUploaded by TwistedFitness. - Discover the latest sports and extreme videos.

Nick Klein's TUF 7 Audition Video
Uploaded by TwistedFitness. - More professional, college and classic sports videos.

Sponsors I am looking for cover charges to tournaments or some extra help with plan ticket assistance for when I go out to the worlds twice this year. Also some thai pads etc. would help too. Every little bit helps! You can contact me at njklein@live.com Thanks in advance.


Thanks in advance guys much appreciated!

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 TTT 4 Nick

TTT-For filthy self promotion!

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ttt for a very talented fighter!

whats up klein, glad to hear you getting back on the path bro... good luck buddy


Luke, I need you to contact me I broke my phone 2 months ago and lost your number. You still got my sexy lil digits?


ninjasaresweet - lol-you people are asking for it...i will post a focking vid of me kicking a cow in the head if it will get me some love!
It's only been 2 hours bro, don't be goin and beatin no cows up...


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 Wholy crap I just noticed your website, lol www.cowjitsu.com

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