Sportfight 11 full recap

quick results:

Bobby Jacobson def Ken Barrenger, r1 1:04 heelhook

Chris Jensen def David Banuet r1 :16 ref stoppage

Sean Siefke def Stryder Davis r1 :39 KO knees

Ryan Healy def Ed Nuno r3 2:38 dr stoppage cut

Pat Healy def Paul Daley r2 3:15 guillotine choke

Buck Meredith def Alex Schoenauer r1 2:00? tapout to side choke

Fabiano Schrener def Brian Stromburg r1 1:13 tapout to guillotine choke

Devin Cole def Ricco Hatting UDec

Josh Haynes def Delon Williams r2 2:39 tapout to guillotine choke

Chael Sonnen def Tim Williams r1 3:59 ref stoppage gnp

Ryan Schultz and JZ Calvancanti draw

Cam Ward def Dennis Davis r3 3:00? tapout to rnc


full recap coming...

Bobby Jacobson def Ken Barrenger, r1 1:04 heelhook

Jacobson (Forum member Yelm, I believe) comes out with couple sharp low kicks, then gets the takedown. A little bit of gnp then he drops back for the heel hook and the win.

Chris Jensen def David Banuet r1 :16 ref stoppage

Team Quest's newest rising star Jensen makes an impressive debut, landing a huge punch just seconds in dropping Banuet. Jensen followed him down and landed a few more before the ref stopped it, but for all intents and purposes, this was a KO.

Sean Siefke def Stryder Davis r1 :39 KO knees

Davis shoots immediately but Siefke stuffs it. Siefke lands some good knees in the clinch, a nice one to the body opens up a hook to the head and then a knee to the head. Stryder is hurt and Siefke backs out and rushes in for a hard knee that lands flush. Siefke by KO!

Ryan Healy def Ed Nuno r3 2:38 dr stoppage cut

This was fight of the night in my opinion. Nuno shoots right into Healy's guillotine, but is able to escape and finish the takedown. He then proceeds to land some major bombs from the top, while Healy maintains his composure and is working for subs from the bottom. R1 to Nuno, though somehow Healy didn't show any damage from the shots he took.

r2 was much closer, the first half of the round looked like a repeat of r1, with Nuno landing heavy shots from the top and fending off an armbar. Midway through the round Healy slaps on a triangle choke and spends well over a minute trying to finish it, all the while eating punches and knees from Nuno!

r3: Nuno with the early takedown again, but Healy sweeps and gets Nuno's back. Nuno escapes and we see more gnp from Nuno who at this point in the fight seems comfortably ahead. They get to their feet and with less than 30 seconds in the fight, Nuno shoots and Healy catches him with a huge knee! Nuno takes it and gets the clinch, but the blood is pouring! The Dr stops it with just 22 seconds left in the fight as Nuno has an Eastman-esque gaping wound on his forehead from the knee!

This was a great back and forth fight, with Healy coming very close to finishing several submissions but Nuno showed some Houdini like escapes and did some major damage with ground and pound. Quite a dramatic finish as well. Big props to both guys.

Pro fights next...

Pat Healy def Paul Daley r2 3:15 guillotine choke

Healy is aggressive, getting takedowns and working on his gnp, though Daley does a good job defending from the bottom. Midway through the round they get to their feet and Daley shows some good standup skills, landing well before being taken down again.

r2 Healy again gets the takedowns and is controlling on the ground though not doing much damage. Healy is able to sink in a guillotine choke from the top and Daley taps.

Buck Meredith def Alex Schoenauer r1 2:00? tapout to side choke

Meredith quickly gets the takedown and starts with the gnp. As Schoenauer is trying to get back to his feet Meredith catches a side headlock choke similar to Newton vs Miletich, and Schoenauer taps. There was some confusion at the end as Meredith appeared to perhaps hold the choke long enough to put Schoenauer out briefly. And then Schoenauer gets up and leaves the ring immediately before the official result is even announced. Schoenauer surprisingly left to a round of boos, I wasn't quite sure what that whole episode was about.

Fabiano Schrener def Brian Stromburg r1 1:13 tapout to guillotine choke

Surprisingly these two look ready for a standup battle, but it doesn't take long for Fabiano to land a huge punch that clearly rocks Stromburg. Stromburg immediately tries to shoot in, but lands right in Schrener's guillotine and taps out.

Devin Cole def Ricco Hatting UDec

Right away it's evident that Ricco wants no part of the standup, and Cole wants no part of the ground. Which made for an uneventful first round with Cole standing over a downed Hatting for a good portion of it. Cole does a nice job with dirty boxing in the clinch and wins the round.

r2 both big guys are showing signs of fatigue, Ricco began to learn that if he'd just throw punches, he didn't do so bad in the standup department. Still, Cole gets a knockdown and lands a lot of knees and uppercuts in the clinch to win the round again.

r3: Ricco is getting more and more brave in the standup and begins to land with regularity as both guys are very tired. Ricco rocks Cole with a huge uppercut, but Cole is able to clinch up and dominates with uppercuts while in the clinch. Cole gets a late takedown to secure the win. Midway through the round Cole spit out his mouthpiece, and out with it came a tooth!

Josh Haynes def Delon Williams r2 2:39 tapout to guillotine choke

Haynes shows no fear of the hard punching Delon, as they trade and both land. Haynes appears to be rocked and they hit the mat with Delon on top. Delon remains on top for the rest of the round but doesn't get much done as he's too busy fending off Haynes' armbar attempts.

r2: This fight is very intense as everyone around here knows how scary Delon's power is! But Delon appears to be slowing down and isn't throwing many punches. Delon eventually throws and thinks he's got Haynes hurt so he flurries with some huge bombs. Haynes begins to bob and weave, covering up like Rampage often does as Delon continues to flurry. Suddenly Haynes throws a huge shot of his own that lands! Delon comes back and rocks Haynes, but Haynes takes one step back and then rushes right back in with hard punches! He rocks Delon badly and immediately secures a guillotine choke! What a wild round as Haynes gets the win!

On a side note, Haynes looked to be in tremendous shape compared to what he used to be. Last time I saw him fight he was well over 300 and it showed. This time he was listed at 265 but I don't even know if he weighed that much. He looked ripped, not even flabby in the least.

Chael Sonnen def Tim Williams r1 3:59 ref stoppage gnp

Chael looks for the flying knee early and they end up clinching. Sonnen lands some cool heel kicks to the thigh while in the clinch, and when they push off it's evident that Williams has a charley horse! Chael siezes the opportunity for the takedown, quickly mounts him, and just starts firing elbows and punches. Williams covers well with his arms as Sonnen just keeps methodically punching and elbowing for 2-3 minutes solid! He never stopped throwing, though the whole time Williams seemed to be defending well. He wasn't trying to improve his position and eventually the ref said enough is enough and stopped it.

Ryan Schultz and JZ Calvancanti draw

r1 was all standup. Good exchanges with both guys landing, JZ mostly leading and Schultz mostly countering. Toward the end of the round JZ almost catches a standing guillotine. Very close round.

r2: Schultz decides to change gears and immediately gets the takedown and does some gnp. He's landing great shots but JZ looks unphased. Schultz lands a big knee as they get to their feet. The 2nd half of the round is spent in long clinches with both guys throwing a few knees. Round definitely to Schultz.

r3: Schultz begins to tire, and they're back to trading on their feet. Schultz lands a clean punch that drops JZ, who quickly gets back to his feet and fires back. JZ then once again comes very close to finishing with a guillotine, but Schultz is able to escape. JZ lands a slapping high kick to the cheek, and gets a takedown to finish the round.

The judges ruled a draw which I felt was just as both r1 and 3 were very close but r2 definitely went to Schultz. One judge had it 30-25 for Schultz, and even as a huge Ryan Schultz fan I have no idea how he saw it that way.

Cam Ward def Dennis Davis r3 3:00? tapout to rnc

The champ Davis gets the quick takedown but ends up on his back after trying for a guillotine on the scramble. Back on their feet and Davis is landing punches. Right at the end of the round Ward gets a takedown and mounts Davis, but no time to do anything.

r2: The early part of the round is spent with Ward on his back and Davis hovering over him landing big bombs occassionally. But Ward is able to kick Davis in the knee from this position, and momentarily it looks as if Davis is hurt. Davis goes wild, rushing Ward with haymakers, some landing. He's still not steady on that leg. On the ground, Ward is a constant threat with submissions though Davis always seems to escape them right as Ward applies them.

r3: Davis again comes out swinging wild haymakers and again lands but Ward always recovers quickly. Ward gets a takedown, begins to mount and as Davis tries to escape, Ward takes his back! Ward sinks in the rear naked choke and Davis taps out just before napping! Ward's eye is swollen almost shut as he celebrates his title victory! Good fight with a dramatic finish.

thank you congrats to josh i told people he can bang, and he does throw armbar after another..very nice win

Vince, I see that you fought Josh just over a year ago...what did he look like then? I think it's been over a year since I'd seen him fight...he was a local amateur champ here around 2003, but since going pro we hadn't seen him around here until tonight. I was shocked when he came to the ring...I wouldn't have even recognized him.

He was a good fighter back then, after all he was our FCFF HW champ...but he looked MUCH improved tonight.

wow. JZ Cavalcanti is back on the map. A couple of years ago there was a big buzz about him among the fighters, so i was interested to see how this one would go.

Brad, what is your assessment of Cavalcanti in the lightweight division?

I was just looking up JZ's record, I see that his only loss was a very close decision to Joachim Hansen, no shame in that.

I was really impressed with JZ for the most part. He showed a great chin (took several hard shots and never showed any effect, except the one time he was dropped, in which case he quickly got back to his feet and seemed completely unhurt.) His composure was terrific, he never seemed to get frustrated or worried. His standup was solid, he was basically matching Schultz punch for punch. His takedowns weren't great though I imagine Schultz is difficult to takedown. JZ kept trying to throw Schultz and always ended up in a bad position from it though. Didn't really get to see him on the ground much because the few times it went to the mat Schultz hit him with heavy leather and didn't allow him to mount an offense. But I think very highly of Schultz, and felt that JZ earned the draw so that says a lot about what I think of JZ.

I think if Schultz had just turned it up a notch towards the end, he would have pulled this one out. He seemed to gas late and didn't attack after he dropped JZ, and then took that highkick and was taken down late, and I think it cost him the fight.

interesting. JZ matching Schultz punch for punch can only be a good thing.

Thanks as usual, Brad. Good job!

Last time I saw Josh Haynes was when he fought Dave Hagen.

When he came walking in tonight I was like "Who's that? That's not Josh Haynes."

Josh, how much weight did you lose, how long did it take and how did you do it?

Everybody is gonna call me a homo, but you look good man. Congrats!

Wish I would get with it and drop 60 pounds...

Ed Nuno really surprised me. What's Ryan Healy doing fighting amateur? 22 seconds and Nuno woulda won!

I look forward to seeing Chris Jensen fight again.

I'd like to see Paul Daley back too.

Schultz and JZ was a great fight.

I didn't think Dennis tapped. I didn't stick around for the replay, but I thought he went to sleep...

JZ is a really talented fighter i saw him at Cagewarriors here in England.

Shame about Paul Daley losing, i know he'll be back to winning ways soon and hoefully he'll get another chance in the US

I was going to put $100 on JZ- there was no way he should have been +250 against Ryan.

Then again, I guess I wouldnt have won or lost any money, since it ended in a draw.

Glad to hear Fabiano won. The next fight could be for the belt..

Bradu- Thanks for the desc. of the fights. I was really interested in how JZ did. He is a tough kid and has unlimited potential. He will be a star at 155#'s.
Obviously, the same can be said for Ryan Schultz who is equally impressive.

Congrats to ATT West on Pegaleve & Bobby Jacobson's victories.

American Top Team

Jacob, I agree that Nuno was very impressive. I really like watching him fight. He made the mistake of not setting up his shot with any strikes at all, and it was only a matter of time before it got him into trouble because Healy knew the shot was coming every time. Other than that, like you said, Nuno had it in the bag against a very tough and experienced opponent.

i posted earlier that josh was tougher than alot of guys that beat me..i have about 8 fights with pride ufc or pankarase fighters..i out weight josh by over 50 lbs.. wore on him, but he was the only guy in my career who dropped me ..i have much respect, for him...he was a little soft, he needs to quit fighting guys that out weugh him by so much, i really think he can be a force, even in the ufc level...

Anyone know what happened to Ian Loveland -vs- Brandon Shuey?