Sportfight 8 -Tickets & Full Card!

Sportfight Justice - Fight Card Announced!

Main Card:

Matt Lindland vs JT Taylor

Jeff Monson vs Brian Stomberg

Ryan Schultz vs Keith Wilson

Brad Blackburn vs Brandon Melendez

Joey Guell vs Billy Miles

Cam Ward vs Chad Nelson

Ryan Healy vs Enouch Wilson

Amateur Matches:

Robbie Walden vs Andrew Keisuke

Adam Davis vs Elija Fey

Brad Horner vs Noah Thomas

Weasley Welch vs Daion Hatch

Dave Banuett vs Daniel Ailes

Bristol Meruda vs TBA

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awsome card as always

Where is this event?

The poster suggests Mt Hodd Community College. :)

"Mt Hodd Community College" where is that? Oregon, Washington

It's Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham OR.

LOL - I think it just looks like 'Hodd' cause I lowered the size/resolution from the original...

But yeah, Jan. 8th, Mt. Hood CC, Gresham OR -- be there!

Whens Glover Texteria's next fight?

WoooHooo....another great Sport Fight card. Sport Fight Pacific Northwest's top MMA event (in a ring).

2 UFC veterans (Lindland & Monson) and two of Victory Athletics top fighters (Blackburn and Guel).

Nelson vs Ward should be a great fight - it's to determine the #1 contender for Dennis Davis' LW Title.

Wison vs Healy hould be entertaining also.

I could go on, but Sport FIght always has great matchups...very few quick outs in the pro fights.

I thought Glover Teixeira was going to be defending his title on this show.

What's going on?

I swear to Christ if I don't get that day off I will kick my boss right in the cunt then spit in her face.

Jeeezus Yelm...

Anyway, this promises to be a grand night out with a spectacular finale. January 8 doesn't look good for JT. Lindland dots the i's and crosses the t's. JT is finished on 1/8/05.

Yelm - one thing that has ALWAYS worked for me (getting days off) is to hack up some bile and drop it on or near the boss' shoe. Never fails to get me sent home for a day or two without question.

Good luck to victory athletics.

Actually a friendly request with plenty of notice did the trick. I am going to Sportfight, wooooohooooo!!!!!

Good news, Yelm! It should be an awesome show!

Yelm - let me know when you're heading down there. I'll be going, too. I think the wife wants to go to this next one. Especially if Horwich ends up fighting (she's his #1 fan)

Ring Girl - see you in January!

lol @ Yelm.

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it....