SportFight Live Results.

Tonight's SportFight live results are being posted on MMAWeekly's SoundOff Forum. The amateur bouts are taking place now and here is the fight card...

Matt Lindland vs Landon Showalter
Jeff Monson vs Brian Stomberg
Ryan Schultz vs Keith Wilson

Welterweight Title Fight:
Brad Blackburn vs Brandon Melendez

Cam Ward vs Chad Nelson
Jon Gunderson vs Enouch Wilson
Joey Guell vs Kyacey Uscola

Amateur Matches:
Robbie Walden vs Keisuke Andrew
Adam Davis vs Elija Fey
Brad Horner vs Noah Thomas
Weasley Welch vs Damion Hatch
Dave Banuett vs Daniel Ailes
Bristol Marunde vs Mike Dolce
Austin Ward vs Mike Mereno



Adam Davis lost to Elija Fey in 58 seconds of round one by Arm Bar.

Daniel Ailes defeats Dave Banuett by Rear Naked Choke at 1:30 or round 2.

Noah Thomas defeats Brad Horner at 1:40 in round one by Guillotine Choke.

Austin Ward defeats Mike Mereno at 2:00 in round one by TKO ref stoppage from strikes.

Bristol Marunde defeats Mike Dolce. Couldn't make out how.

Keisuke Andrew defeats Robbie Walden by Heel Hook, Round one.

Cam Ward knocks out Chad Nelson in Round two.

Kyacey Uscola defeated Joey Guell in round two by a ref stoppage due to a broken nose.

More results to come.

Anyone got more info on the guy hwo beat Joey Guell. Guell has been impressive before. Really good Jiu-Jitsu when I saw him fight in KOTC.

3-2 as a pro. also 1-1 as an amateur I think.

any results on the pro fights?

Need results

Ryan Schultz lost a ud to Keith Wilson.

just heard monson won bye rear naked choke in rd 1

Wilson is a former Us Marine and Army wrestler and is a all-american in greco Roman wrestling several times. he is a stud in wrestling, I have never seen him fight but would think he brings a solid game. Hey joker have you heard of Hector Munoz out of texas if so what have you heard?


Hector Munoz, that is a team pound guy right? I have heard the name but dont think I have ever seen him fight.

WTF, Lindland by Triangle/Armbar?

"Anyone got more info on the guy hwo beat Joey Guell. Guell has been impressive before. Really good Jiu-Jitsu when I saw him fight in KOTC. "

Kyacey Uscola is a wrestler turned slugger. He's done well in his local matchups and was especially dominant at the amateur level, overpowering most of his opponent's with big punches. He's good on the mat too with his wrestling, but his weakness is definitely sub defense as he's been subbed out a couple times.

I found it strange that Guel, who I know is very good at submissions, chose to stand and slug with a guy like Kyacey. I won't complain though, it was a great slugfest while it lasted.

Lindland busted out a triangle! I don't believe it!

Joker, No he is not from team pound, he is from Dallas. Was 2-o going into my fight with him, but they said he was really 8-0. He was going to fight Lee king but I ended up fighting him instead. I was going to fight team pound fighter Frank Alcala, but my teammate Joe Riggs fought him instead. Just wondering how good he is in texas. I know he won the some texas grappling stuff and all the team pound guys said he was good, and Prater and munoz was the next big things coming out of texas with Prater being the number 1 guy and Munoz being 2 to be the next big thing behing Yves.

Whats the deal with Showalter. He submitted Drew Fickett! Im just amazed he hasn't been able to do better.

He took the fight on like 6 days notice. Getting to the 2nd round with Lindland is a sort of moral victory methinks.