Sportfight PressRel. Leben advised

February 12th. Portland Oregon .
Justin Hawes is replacing Chris Leben for the main event of R
evolution. Team Quest Doctor and Sportfight physician Mark C
zarnecki after examination has pulled Leben out of the fight, Leben w
ill be be back March 19th for Sportfight On the Move. As of F
ebruary 12th all of the other fighters are healthy and ready to go. . I
have added another fight to this card. Chris Posto (Quest) vs. W
reck (Desert Dogs) Bend, Oregon Chris is going to take some time o
ff, hell be hungrier than ever come March 19th, says Matt The L
aw Lindland, president of Sportfight.

Justin Hawes(Desert Dogs) vs. Joey "Coyote" Guel

Why is he taking time off? Why did the doctor pull him from the event?

Man, that blows...I was definitely looking forward to that one. Within a day 2 of Team Quest's up and coming fighters have had fights cancelled.