Sportfight summary?

can anyone recap the main event in last night's Sportfight (Portland) .. thanks.

There were 2 main events. A lightweight and welterweight title fight.

Travis Bush defeated Enoch Wilson in a 3 round unanimous decision. Travis got most of the takedowns and remained active enough on top to get stood up only a couple times throughout the fight. Both guys landed standing with a slight edge to Enoch who landed some stiff punches and some big knees. Travis also landed some on the feet but Enoch probably edged out the standup. Travis cut Enoch and got the takedowns controlling and punching from top and taking the back a few times throughout. It was a good decision but both guys put on a very entertaining, title worthy bout. Travis is the new Sportfight Lightweight Champion.

The co-main event featured a welterweight title fight between "Fast" Eddy Ellis and Ed "Bam Bam" Nuno.

Ellis looked comfortable throughout the first landing a couple good leg kicks and a quirky one to the body. Nuno landed a real stiff jab that cut the bridge of Ellis' nose (not bad) but had trouble connecting with much else. Ellis landed a couple punches but nothing too significant. Ellis got the takedown and controlled position on the ground however opting to stifle Nuno's standup attempts without inflicting much damage. Since there was position change the fight didn't get stood up though. Ellis won the first round.

In the second round more leg kicks from Ellis and another of the sidekicks. Both guys threw some punches but no real strong clean connections. Neither fighter got rocked. Again Ellis got the takedown and mostly held Nuno down without inflicting much damage. However, Ellis got his back and tried for the choke with a body triangle locked. With 10 seconds left in the second round Nuno escaped and spun inside Ellis' guard. Ellis went for a leg and Nuno hit a hammer fist followed by 4 HUGE hooks directly on the chin that KO'ed Ellis with 1 second left. Nuno is the new Sportfight Welterweight Champion. 

Both great fights. Sportfight always has great matches. Great KO's and subs throughout.

they put a little story on sherdog on the show