Sports Business Management

Hey I was just wondering if any1 on here from Ottawa has taken the sports Business Management program at Algonquin college? I got into the program and I was wondering what I can expect when I start in August.

p.s for people in the states I was wondering if there are any universitys that offer this program thanks.. since i am looking into going to the states once im done my program.


UMASS is supposed to be one of the best here in the states.

what do you hope to do with that degree?

I have a friend with the UMass degree.
She had a minor front office job with the Orlando magic.

Most people (I am a UMass Alum) get jobs with College programs.

NCAA compliance is a niche market - as most people do not have degrees that require a class on NCAA regs.

Of course, follow it up with a JD and you can become an agent.

Im hoping i can be an agent or get into fight promotion some how