Sports psychology reading

After reading through the thread on the problem of adrenaline dumps at competition, I was wondering if anybody had any books/articles/etc. to recommend. Specifically, books/articles with techniques for achieving an optimum state of mind immediately before competition, the days/weeks leading up to competition, etc.

I have a book called Mind Gym that is pretty good. It's a simple book, but I find that it helps.

Wanna get the best book out there?
Go out right now and get this book:
In Pursuit of Excellence by Terry Orlick.

This book will change your entire
concept of training and preparing for
tournaments. Orlick discuss the most
essential aspect of sports success: The Mind.

Terry Orlick will be a great
resource to you. He is a world renowned
sports psychologist and has done decades of
research on how athletes and professionals prepare
for and achieve success.

Another great book to get is: Seeds of Greatness
by Denis Waitley. Waitley is one of the
original motivational speakers and he too has
worked with astronauts, nobel prize winners and
athletes in finding out what makes people tick.

Good luck and start your training now. Count Koma