Sports tonight story?

Turned on the tv last night after getting home and saw the dying seconds of what looked like a MMA segment on sports tonight.

Anyone know who/what/where the story was about?

Cris Brown, Soa and Travers Grubb

ttt for more info.


It was a promotion of the event in Feb. They did a
little biog on Cris on his wrestling background and
his move into MMA. Soa or should I say the Incredible
Hulk basically reinforced the fact that he is going
to smash his US opponent.

Cool though I hope Soa remains the quiet well spoken type and doesn't grow into a 'hollywood' fighter mouthing off and talking smack to opponents through interveiws etc. Any US person's instantly gonna dislike someone from anywhere else saying they're gonna smash em...but fuck em ;)

Its good that the media seem to be warming to MMA in this country.