!!!!!!!! where are

the fucking betting line!!!!!?????
we are 1 week from the matches and nothing on the site

I am tired of the betting industrie for MMA.

At first i was with time after i learned that they were not going to continue the MMA betting because Odessa was moving to i took off my money from their site, lost some money because they charge you when you take your money and put it on where Odessa was going.

Now i am learning that Odessa has still moved to an other companie. does that mean that sportsbook is not gonna propose MMA bets?

Who the fuck do you think you are to play so with the customer?

I am tired of having to get back my money and to lose some money so. (they charge you money when you take back your win).

I have 286 $ on it. so should i take it again are are they gonna realease some betting line.

I am beguining to hate you!!!!!

Typical French, complain, complain, complain; you should be thankful
they let you bet at all.

Lol at someone with Princealbert for pseudo telling me how to react.

do you know that the goofy looking real Prince Albert from Monnaco is gay and like to suck cok?

i am pissofff!!!!!

support the the sport....blablabla...

i am telling you..fuck the sport!!!!! why does not the sport support his fucking fan??!!!!!

I am telling you. i have at least 100 DVD at home from UFC, Pride, Too Hot Too Handle, M1, K1, etc...and from now on i am gonna try to find all the way to download this fights for free from the internet. Fuck the sport!!!!!

Sportsbook will have MMA lines when they always do. A week b4. Sorry about the Greek situation, but he and I went seperate ways like many biznesses do. My shop that BSF mentioned above will have them up around the same time.

(You think any sportsbook would hang a number on the Eagles when they weren't positive T Owens was having playin. Pride changes lineups more than Horn fights a month. Sorry, but you just gotta wait. Pride odds ALWAYS go up a week before or else people bitch when fights get cancelled. Thats just the way it goes.)

Listen to the radio show 2mmrow at mmaweekly and you'll have the openin numbers.

'i am telling you..fuck the sport!!!!! why does not the sport support his fucking fan??!!!!!'

Wagering industry gave OVER 300k in MMA Sponsorships over the last 2 years. Shame the people that got the money rarely if ever post here.

Anyway good luck on your bets.

LOL at A frog talking about pole smoker's, it's common knowledge
most Frenchys will take the Hershey hiway if given the choice.

Do a google search for Prince Albert and the flamer from Monaco isn't
what comes up. BTW, how do you know the Prince is gay; did his dick
taste like shit?

Odessa- did you help sportsbook sponsor the Team Quest guys? If so, that is awesome- now I gotta support both your company and theirs...

He also offered forum members front row seats for an IFC event.

Where can i get a t-shirt like ive seen some fighters
wear? They look cool!

'Where can i get a t-shirt like ive seen some fighters wear? They look cool!'

Send me an email, no promises, but I will see what I can do.(not sure how many we have left) Please include a mailing address.

"I am tired of the betting industrie for MMA."

Try the "tour de France" I have been trying to bet on Armstrong for
years and the odds suck, not to mention the payout.

Hey Odessa, what is your e-mail?

Prince albert STFU

Odessa...thanks for the info!!

jujubre, tell us what you really think - LOL

thanks for the info Odessa

Hey jujubre,

Ta Maman baise avec un Cheval.

hey Prince albert...go fuck you sister little bitch!!!! and stop dreaming of the balding Prince Albert of Monaco. you looks gay doins so

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